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Having a hard time hearing may force premature aging and recluse upon seniors who still want to keep a healthy social life. The inability to hear others can lead to early retirement, loss of confidence, and even safety risks. Why not see an audiologist or speak with a product specialist and invest in a pair of digital hearing aids? Hearing aids can halt or reverse any loss of social life. They can also provide the following:

Income Loss Prevention

Some workers are forced into early retirement due to their hearing loss. Most jobs require a certain hearing level for basic tasks such as answering a phone or listening in meetings. If hearing is a struggle during the 40-hour workweek, the effort may not seem worth the income. With the addition of digital hearing aids, workers can continue in their field longer (if they desire) and provide increased income for themselves.


Those who can hear their surroundings are much more aware and are less likely to experience a fall. Falling once actually doubles the chance of falling again because just one fall can cause serious damage. Head injury, muscle strains, and broken bones can be prevented to a certain degree with awareness, and digital hearing aids can assist with that awareness.


Senior citizens often find themselves with the decision to stay put in their home, move in with a child, or move to a retirement community or home. Without hearing aids, seniors have a lesser chance of retaining independence due to their inability to comprehend their surroundings. No one wants to feel like a burden to his or her family, so hearing aids might be a step in the direction of maintaining freedom. With freedom also comes the ability to try new hobbies, explore interests, and hone new skills. If hearing is not a problem, the possibilities are endless!

Cognitive Function

Aging individuals may not want to admit their hearing is decreased, so some do not get hearing aids. Instead, they go through life hearing only half of sounds and diminished alertness. Because of this, their confidence decreases along with their mood. They become less assertive and find themselves struggling with basic tasks. However, with digital hearing aids, some cognitive dysfunction can be reversed, and the wearer can gain back their conviction and poise.


For those with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids allows them to stay connected with their friends and loved ones. Instead of repeating “What??,” they can hold conversations and build their relationships. Hearing aid users can also venture out to larger events with more people and find new activities without the fear of not hearing what is going on around them. They can explore their surroundings, travel to new places, and avoid the anxiety accompanied by hearing loss. Digital hearing aids improve the emotional side of life as well, allowing for more empathy and positivity within a relationship.

So, if in the New Year you are looking to build a brand new you, consider your hearing and all the positive side effects digital hearing aids can have on your social life!


By: Diana Michel