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There are many factors that go into relationships, but did you know that hearing loss is one of them?

Find out the many ways that hearing loss can shape your social life and how hearing aids can help.

Dating and relationships can be amazing, fulfilling, and sometimes a bit unnerving.  Setting up dates in loud environments where you can’t hear what your partner is saying can make tense moments seem even more uncomfortable.

If you feel like your ears aren’t picking up what they need to make romantic outings go smoothly, choose low-volume locales like quiet lounges or the outdoors. If your partner also uses hearing aids, there are a variety of hearing loss meetups that make for very good leisure spots!

Be sure to fine-tune your hearing aid before heading out on a date. Many hearing aids provide noise canceling features that nullify commotion from your surroundings. Other hearing devices are equipped with automatic adaptations, where they fine-tune themselves for face-to-face interactions like dates.

If you’re self-conscious about wearing hearing aids in front of your partner, there are a variety of listening devices that remain concealed when worn, such as hearing aid microsystems.

Communication can be a very valuable tool in establishing good relationships. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you couldn’t hear what he or she said the first time. Be open about your hearing loss and about how it may affect your day-to-day living.

If you live with a significant other and you see each other on a regular basis, it makes sense to wear hearing aids frequently so that your hearing is at its best. Above anything else be sure to take care of your hearing, as research shows that it can affect your mental health.

A Swedish study released back in 2014 noted that senior citizens with untested hearing loss can experience a decrease in extroversion, something that may be very detrimental when you’re trying to frequent the dating scene. Untreated hearing loss can also increase your risk for depression, another factor that isn’t good for establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship.

These aspects can not only affect relationships in the romantic sense but can also put a strain on your relationship with friends and family. This can be especially problematic as hearing loss can run in families, meaning more than one person can be left feeling withdrawn after their hearing declines.

Using hearing aids can actually better your mental health. Another study by the Hospital Universitario San Ignacio in Colombia found that for hearing aid users aged 60 or over, their quality of life was relatively better than those of the same age who had hearing disorders and did not utilize hearing aids.

The Institute of Psychogerontology in Germany also reported that hearing-impaired individuals who use hearing aids are actually more productive in their day-to-day living, compared to individuals who do not rely on hearing aids.

People that used hearing aids for different tasks reported feeling more content with their devices.  Having access to hearing aids can not only make forming relationships easier, they can also better your quality of life overall!

By: Aaron Rodriques