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I’ve been having hearing issues for quite a while. I just didn’t know how much I was missing. More on that towards the end. Predominantly, I had difficulty hearing conversations if there was a lot of background noise. I also found myself having to turn up the TV. I had a hearing test done at Costco, but I did not want to spend $2,000 on hearing aids. I started researching on the web. I initially tried a pair of those microdevices you can get for about $80 to $100 per ear. They are not really hearing aids but more similar to sound amplifiers. I returned them the day after I received them. Pure junk. 

I spent another two weeks looking at everything from $299 per ear to $3,000 per ear. I blew the Audicus representative off 4 times. Everything I found in my research came back that Audicus was the best hearing aids on the market. I did not like the price, but you get what you pay for. I was convinced I did not need the Bluetooth feature. The one thing I was not willing to compromise on was a rechargeable unit. It turns out the reachable units included Bluetooth. 

Shortly after placing the order, I got a phone call from Miguel. He was my assigned, personal hearing consultant to answer any questions and provide whatever assistance was needed. He went over what to expect when the hearing aids arrived and how to go about getting started. After that call, we traded emails on a couple of dumb things like do they come charged or do I need to charge them first. His response was immediate. I got them late yesterday afternoon. I charged them, paired them to my phone and the app, and put them in.

As it was about 9:30 pm there was not a lot of time to evaluate how they were doing, so I didn’t notice much at first. My wife and I sat down to watch a show before going to bed. That is when the first revelation came. I looked at the soundbar on the TV. My wife had the volume set much lower than normal. I did not have to ask her to turn it up. Also, not once did I have to ask her what someone had said. No problem hearing. 

The real revelations started this morning. I mentioned I didn’t think Bluetooth was a big deal, ignorance on my part. I went downstairs this morning, put the coffee on, took my phone off “do not disturb”, and put in the hearing aids. The next thing I know, I have a tone/beep in my ears. I had gotten a text and the notification went to the hearing aids. OK, this is pretty cool I thought. A while later I got a phone call. Yep, the ring came into the hearing aids. I answered the call. It was crystal clear coming through the hearing aids. Previously, when on the phone I would have to have it on speaker. Not so much for hearing but because I don’t like holding the phone to my ear and need to have my hands free at the computer. No longer an issue. The microphones in the hearing aids pick up my voice so the other person can hear me crystal clear. I can set the phone down and walk into the other room without a problem. 

Next, I was on Facebook and there was a video on my feed. Yep, the audio came directly to my hearing aids. Previously, I frequently had to hold the phone to my ear to be able to hear the audio. No more. Here is the biggie- Have you heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”? This is very subtle but huge. This is what makes a “real” hearing aid worth the money over a sound amplifier. There is so much I have been missing without being aware of it. 

Each one is insignificant but as an aggregate it is huge. Now when I type I hear the keys clicking as well as the mouse click. I never knew this was there. We have hardwood floors in some areas. This morning I was letting Chewbacca out. I actually heard his nails clicking on the wood floor. Never heard that before and did not know I was missing it. I now hear things in my pocket like keys and a lighter hitting each other when I walk. Previously, when I lay down to take a nap, I would have a ringing/buzzing in my ears. Today with the hearing aids in, gone. I could go on. The point is I am now hearing things I never knew I was missing. 

Aside from the product quality, I own a business since Covid, I have noticed significant delays in response and customer service when I have to call vendors or technical support. Audicus has not missed a beat. Their people are extremely knowledgeable and their response is exceptional. This in and of itself is a reason to do business with them instead of any other vendor. In the old days, corporate managers bought from IBM because they were the standard. Audicus is the IBM of hearing aids. This is a legitimate unsolicited review. I get nothing for it. 

People will be quick to trash poor service or performance. Very few will take the time to recognize superior performance. I am one of those people who takes the time to recognize superior performance. In my business every time I deal with someone who goes above and beyond, I make it a point to get their supervisor’s contact information and send an email detailing how they exceeded my expectations. I am also one of those crazies who, when I see someone in uniform, make it a point to go over and thank them for their service. I hope this information is helpful.

-Ken Segal, July 2021