Enjoy in-store Audiologist care with our affordable online prices. 

Located just a few miles down the I-25 from Denver, the Audicus Lone Tree Hearing Clinic has partnered with Safeway to offer the best hearing aids and local audiology support at affordable prices. 

The Denver Hearing Clinic specializes in: 

  1. Hearing Loss 
  2. Hearing Aids 
  3. Programming and Fitting 
  4. Repairing Damaged Hearing Aids 
  5. Tinnitus 
  6. Ringing, Thumping or Popping in the ears

Whether you want a hearing aid that is affordable and effective or something with all the latest tech features like Bluetooth, our Lone Tree Hearing Clinic has you covered. With the help of our incredible clinic operator Jordan Benis, NP. we want to give you the best in-person support with our most affordable online prices. 

What you can expect before your appointment.

  • A quick and easy scheduling process over the phone, chat or email with our amazing customer service staff.
  • Email and text reminders with directions to the Audicus Hearing Clinic in Lone Tree.

What you can expect during your hearing appointment in the Audicus Hearing Clinic.

  • A sanitized and safe clinic waiting room and clinic room.
  • A quick and extremely accurate hearing test with state-of-the-art hearing test equipment.
  • A full diagnostic examination of your ears and medical history.
  • A test drive around the hearing clinic with a programmed demo pair (note all hearing aids are thoroughly disinfected before and after every interaction).
  • On-the-spot programming, to your specific hearing loss, of your new Audicus hearing aids including the Dia 2, Clara, Aura, and Wave models.
  • Walk out of your appointment with new Audicus Hearing Aids with a no-risk 45-day guarantee. No restocking fee!

What you can expect after your visit.

  • Complimentary follow-up visits throughout your 45-day, no-risk, hearing aid trial.
  • Bespoke customer service tailored to fit your specific needs.

Here at Audicus,  we’ve transformed over 10,000 patients’ lives with our hearing aids and affordable prices, but this is just the beginning.

Conveniently located only a few miles outside of Denver, our hearing clinic offers prices 70% less than local Denver hearing clinic competitors. Take a visit to the Audicus Lone Tree Hearing Clinic to see for yourself!  Book a visit to our Lone tree clinic here!


the waiting room for the Audicus hearing clinic in Lone Tree Colorado is comfortable for every patient