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Understanding Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Audicus’ newest product, the Wave, is the latest in Bluetooth hearing aid technology. If you’re new to the hearing aid game, you may have heard a lot of buzz about Bluetooth hearing aids, but it can be confusing what that means or how it works. We at Audicus are here to shed some light on the mystery of how Bluetooth hearing aids work!

Bluetooth: A quick rundown

Bluetooth is a technology that’s been around for several decades. In a nutshell, it’s a wireless connection that allows the exchange of data between different devices. When you “pair” two devices together—such as your hearing aids and your smartphone—you’re using Bluetooth. Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of about 30 feet, so the devices do need to be close to each other. Bluetooth is present in other pairings too, such as a laptop and a wireless printer, or a cell phone and a car speaker.

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids are not new, but they are constantly improving. The marriage of Bluetooth technology with hearing aids helps turn your hearing aids into much more than just simple hearing devices. Bluetooth hearing aids can be paired with devices such as your phone, your TV, your mp3 player, and more—ensuring that you get the clearest listening connection possible, with full volume control.

Bluetooth hearing aids: How do they work?

In the past, Bluetooth hearing ads have required the use of a separate remote in order to control the settings. However, with the ubiquity of smartphones, Bluetooth hearing aids are now often controlled via an easy-to-use app. Our model, the Wave, uses a special cell phone app where you can adjust your settings as often as needed. It even has different programs you can choose from, like Conversation in Noise or TV/Music, to optimize your hearing aids’ power.

The Wave app is for both Android and Apple devices, so no matter what kind of phone or computer you have, it will work flawlessly. Since Bluetooth does have a distance limitation, you’ll need to keep your phone nearby for it to work.

Bluetooth hearing aids are pretty straightforward, and they often offer the best hearing aid experience. If you’re comfortable using a smartphone, you’ll be able to operate Bluetooth hearing aids and their apps. Many hearing aid users find that Bluetooth hearing aids have improved their quality of life, as they can more easily hear music, the TV, and phone calls from their loved ones. Think about if Bluetooth hearing aids are right for you!

By: Elena McPhillips