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Meet Audicus customer Joanne Adair. Joanne was kind enough to share her personal story about hearing loss with us. Joanne is not unlike many others: she noticed that she was not contributing as often in social settings and went online to research hearing aid options. Read below about how she found Audicus and how Audicus hearing aids have helped her communicate with her friends and family again!

What do you spend your time doing?

I am recently retired but have been working on a contract basis two days/week.  I also spend time with family and friends, volunteer, enjoy our local symphony, theatre and attend every concert (music and dance) that I can.  I love comedy and have been known to attend those festivals as well.  I love to garden, have two small pooches, and love life!

When did you know you needed hearing aids? How?

I found myself asking folks to repeat themselves and noticed this happening with more frequency.  I turned up my volume on my car radio, my home TV, and my CD player.  I backed off from social situations that would not allow me to hear well, as I could no longer contribute to the conversations.  After sharing all of this with my doctor, I was sent for a hearing test, which confirmed my status.

How did you find Audicus?

After being told I would require hearing aids for both ears and hearing the price of them, I began my diligent online search for more affordable options. I discovered Audicus very easily and they seemed like an answer to my prayers.

What was the most challenging thing for you to deal with without hearing aids?

Being more conscious of how little I was contributing to conversations was quite challenging for me.  I found myself backing away from social functions because of my inability to hear well. I love to be around people and this was becoming more and more difficult for me.

What was the most meaningful experience for you after getting your hearing aids?

I could not believe the clarity of my hearing.  I was hearing the clicker on my car (turning signals), water running when I turned the tap and heard myself walking down the hallway at home on hardwood floors.  I suppose I was unable to hear for so long, I was missing all of these sounds.  What an eye-opener for me!

Can you describe your first few sounds with hearing aids?

Suddenly everything was crystal clear; it was so easy to make out the sounds, easy to hear all that was going on in my world.  (Even the birds chirping early in the morning outside my window!) I could hear my pooches playing in the lower level of our home.  I could hear the dryer buzzer indicating the load was done.  I heard my husband’s car pull into our driveway when he returned from an errand. I heard the recycling bag when I folded it to put it away. I felt reborn if you can imagine.

Can you describe what sounds you were missing out on?

Until you can hear sounds again, you don’t even know you’re missing the ones you are unable to hear with hearing loss.  I was surprised to understand just how much I had been missing.  I had been unable to hear background noise, light music playing, specific, soft-spoken people on the telephone.  I could not hear the “grey” noise.  I could not hear when someone “mumbled” rather than speaking really clearly. If two people spoke at once, I often took a few seconds to determine who was actually speaking.

What advice would you give others with hearing loss?

Though the situation may seem daunting at first, it is not one that has no resolution.  I know firsthand how helpful others can be in finding the right help.  For me, that meant realizing and admitting my disability and getting a proper assessment so that I could get some help with my hearing loss.  There is no reason to feel ashamed or secretive about hearing loss; it is a condition that requires attention and there are resources available to help change that lack of hearing. Reach out and get that help!

What would you tell people about Audicus?

From the beginning (my initial research) to the end (receiving my hearing aids), Audicus has cared about me, my situation, my hearing, my adjustment to hearing loss, and my initiation into the hearing aid world.  I have had support,  advice, and questions answered all along this journey.  Had it not been for the amazing professional folks at Audicus, I might very well be functioning with my profound hearing loss and still unable to hear properly.  I have nothing but incredible gratitude to all concerned.

Thank you, Joanne, for sharing your experience! Readers, do you have a story to share with us? Please email it to [email protected]. Happy hearing!