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Hearing apps that work with your hearing aid and smartphone are an incredible help if you have hearing loss. With apps, you can stream audio to your hearing aids, check decibel levels in your environment, and much more. Hearing technology goes way beyond just hearing aids these days. Take a look at these amazing and innovating hearing apps that can make your everyday life much easier!

Tunity: The hearing app that allows you to control the volume

This hearing app is for anyone who tired of asking “Can you turn it up?” when watching TV. Tunity is basically your own personal remote control—it syncs to whatever show is on TV and streams the audio directly into your headphones (or your hearing aids, if they are smartphone compatible), which allows you to control the volume.

Available for iPhone or Android

Decibel X: The hearing app for checking sound levels

If you’re worried about protecting your hearing (which you should be!), then the Decibel X sound meter app is for you. This highly popular app has extremely reliable measurements of the volume of sounds in your environment. Decibel X can alert if you if the sounds in your vicinity are too high for safe hearing.

Available for iPhone or Android

SonicCloud: The hearing app that customizes your cell phone calls

Trouble hearing people on the phone? Download the SonicCloud app today. The app delivers real-time tuning and volume control to make your phone calls easier to hear. No more asking your daughter to speak up, because SonicCloud will do it for her. The app uses the results of a hearing assessment to determine how to best enhance the sound of your phone calls.

Available for iPhone or Android

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds: The hearing app for silencing your tinnitus

This one isn’t specifically created to help people with hearing issues, but it’s a great help to anyone who suffers from tinnitus. Rain Rain has over 100 endless sounds that can help drown out the ringing in your ears if you have tinnitus. The app has volume and sound control features, including a fun Mixer function that allows you to blend different sounds together to create a custom soundscape.

Available for iPhone or Android

InnoCaption: The hearing app for transcribing your phone calls

If reading words is a lot easier than hearing them, the InnoCaption app might be for you. This free app transcribes your phone calls in real time and allows you to read the speech of the person on the other end. InnoCaption also has features like captioned voice mail, Caller ID, captioned 911 calling, and more.

Available for iPhone or Android

By: Elena McPhillips