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According to the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), the average person waits 7 years to treat their hearing loss. An estimated 48 million Americans have treatable hearing loss, yet as few as 15% get hearing aids.  The CHC reports that 3 million children, 14% of adults ages 45-64, and 2 out of 3 adults over 75 experience some sort of hearing loss. If you experience signs of hearing loss, you are not alone.
Now more than ever, getting your hearing tested is easy. With reliable online hearing tests, you can quickly learn about the extent of your hearing loss from the comfort of your own home and immediately treat with hearing aids or a follow-up visit with an audiologist. Here are the top reasons to consider hearing loss treatment now!

To improve mental health

The extremity and likelihood of developing depression surges with poor hearing. With treatment, the risk of experiencing depressive symptoms decreases, and self-esteem increases. Hearing loss treatment such as hearing aids reduce anxiety, paranoia, and anger, which in turn make you feel better about yourself.

To perform better at work

Within the workplace, hearing loss greatly diminishes productivity and effectiveness. Potential income and workplace value may rise once hearing loss is treated.

To stay social

According to Sergei Kochkin of the Better Hearing Institute, people with untreated hearing loss self-isolate and avoid social situations for fear of being left out, getting angry over misunderstandings, or being stigmatized. Dr. Kochkin’s study on untreated hearing loss determined that individuals who wear hearing aids are more likely to participate in social activities than those who do not. Interestingly, the number of solo activities remains equal between the 2 groups.

To stay fit and active

Participating in a group fitness class or playing on a team requires the ability to hear voices over of loud music, other people talking, and noisy ambient sounds. Outdoor activities present issues too since they require awareness of surroundings for safety. Hearing aid wearers can join in more physical activities and manage their overall health.

To expand your communication skills

As hearing loss worsens, an individual is more likely to pretend they hear and do their best to follow along with the conversation, so their ability to communicate suffers.

To improve personal relationships

Dr. Kochkin’s study also found that perceived warmth decreases with untreated hearing loss. Additionally, individuals with hearing loss are more likely to be defensive and pick fights when they feel weakened by their loss. An understanding loved one will support you in wearing hearing aids.

To decrease your risk of health issues

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, hearing loss doubles the risk of dementia. Untreated hearing loss is also linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular and kidney disease, and increased risk of falls. Treating hearing loss prevents potential future health issues. Recent studies even showed that hearing aids can reduce ER visits.

To improve and maintain cognitive function

A study completed by Columbia University Irving Medical Center concluded that those who wear hearing aids test on a higher intellectual level than those who do not. Cognitive function and hearing loss have a direct connection.
With all these reasons to treat your hearing loss, why wait?

By: Diana Michel

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