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Can hearing aids really improve your relationship? While it doesn’t seem that a solution so simple could make a large impact, hearing might be the most important part of your relationship. Think about the little moments shared within your relationship and how your bond could be adversely affected by hearing loss.


If communication is the basis for any good relationship, both parties need to be able to hear each other. When socializing in loud environments or when quietly chatting, you want to hear your partner. If conversation was once strong and now seems to have faded away, perhaps a hearing aid is what you need. This natural sign of aging affects the majority of Americans, so it is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you and your partner discuss adding hearing aids to your relationship, you can return to the life you once had. Neither of you will worry about missing out on what was said or make assumptions about specific wording.


The ability to hear each other might also decrease the number of arguments between the two of you. No longer will one complain about mumbling while the other gets annoyed about constantly repeating themselves. Hearing aids can not only clear up the context of the situation, but they can also mitigate the beginnings of future arguments. Both parties can participate equally and build a stronger foundation with the improvement in communication and decrease in arguments.

Going on Dates

If you or your partner experiences hearing loss, you may miss out on social opportunities. Loud bars or noisy parties might feel impossible to attend, but with hearing aids, these doors can once again open. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a dance class but worry about hearing the teacher. With hearing aids you no longer have to doubt yourself. Hearing aids often have multiple settings to allow you to customize your volumes based on the situation. The conversational setting might differ from the television setting, which might differ further from the party setting. With hearing aids, you have the chance to participate in an active social life and expand your options for dates.


While this may seem counter intuitive, the ability for each partner to independently operate is essential to the relationship. If one member feels they have to constantly care for and be the guide for the other, they may feel stifled or irritated at their role. Hearing aids allow both parties to venture out on their own and have their own experiences. This can add freshness and revitalize the relationship.

Bring You Closer

Intimacy often comes in the quiet moments and shared time together. Hearing aids can bring that intimacy back through the small expressions of love like a shared joke, slow dance, and quiet whisper. Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic of hearing aids with your partner, perhaps this Valentine’s Day season. Your relationship does not have to be negatively affected by hearing loss – especially when you can see so many added benefits!


By: Diana Michel