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For this week’s post, Audicus customer Bruce Monk shares with us how Audicus hearing aids have allowed him to hear once again.  Read what has to say about his hearing loss:

When did you know you had hearing loss?

5 years ago.

What were some of the sounds you had the hardest time hearing?

Birds, young people’s voices, some women’s voices.

Describe a time when your hearing loss really took a toll on your ability to participate in a social situation.

Meetings at work when you just can’t follow the thread, restaurants when it’s a complex audio environment

How did you find Audicus?


Is this your first experience with hearing aids?


Describe your interaction with us by phone, email and chat.

All three: started with a few chat questions about getting the test etc. Then I called to talk to an audiologist, emailed the test, and voila.

How did you feel purchasing a medical device online? Did you have concerns?

Astonishingly no.

What was it like when you received your hearing aid and put it on?

I just went for a walk around the neighborhood in awe of what I had been missing.

What were some of the first sounds you heard?

Birds, squirrels and then walked by the playground to hear young high voices.

What was most surprising?

How long it took me to actually get hearing aids. It should have been 3 years ago.

What would you tell other people about Audicus?

Save your money and buy from Audicus online; possibly some need the services of an audiologist and subsequent fees, but I did not.

by Kenzie Hagan