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With at-home healthcare becoming easier and more prevalent than ever, there are tons of new healthcare companies to watch in the coming months. Take a look at some of the most innovative and exciting new companies that are championing healthcare at home!

Nurx, for sexual healthcare at home

For people all across the country, taking control of your sexual health can be difficult. Societal and financial barriers often present problems for those who want to obtain birth control or emergency contraception.

Nurx bypasses a lot of the hassle associated with these medications and delivers all those products straight to you. Nurx promises a discrete, confidential, and affordable experience and also has a staff of physicians that can help you customize your health plan. In addition to birth control, Nurx also provides HIV PrEP and HPV screening tests, which allow you to check for signs of cervical cancer in your own home.

Galileo, for instant healthcare at home

As healthcare moves away from the doctor’s office and into your living room, companies like Galileo are determined to bring the best healthcare directly to you. Galileo consist of a team of expert clinicians who are always on call, via their app.

The app helps you build a profile and medical history and the Galileo team of physicians is always available to answer questions, fill prescriptions, order labs, and more. The company works within your insurance network in order to suggest the most cost-effective options. This app is especially suited for people with chronic conditions who needs regular doctor appointments or prescriptions and allows them to skip the lengthy visit and just speak directly with a physician.

Call9, for emergency room healthcare at home

Call9 is specifically designed for nursing home residents who want to maintain as much of their independence as possible. The service connects residents with clinical care specialists via phone or video call and aims to avoid unnecessary emergency room trips.

When a patient uses Call9, they are immediately connected to emergency room doctors who can assess the situation and decide whether a hospital visit is needed. According to the company, in 80% of calls, the doctor is able to keep the patient home and avoid the hospital trip. This saves time, money, and reduces undue stress for both patients and their families.

Audicus, for hearing healthcare at home

Didn’t think we’d forget about ourselves, did you? For top-notch hearing health delivered right to your door, Audicus is your best bet. Our direct-to-consumer model allows you to get top-of-the-line hearing aids and amplifiers at a fraction of the cost you would pay from a brick-and-mortar store.

The process is easy: Take our audiologist-certified online hearing test, and we’ll help you choose the best device for your hearing needs. We’ll even customize the programming for you before we ship it out. Audicus allows you to skip the doctor’s visit and get hearing aids sent right to you.

By: Elena McPhillips