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Hearing loss can become especially prevalent during the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season. This can make typically fun family events turn into frustrating get-togethers, leaving you disheartened at your diminished hearing and the impact it may take on your ability to be social.

Audicus customer Robert Polino has a different outlook these days. He was kind enough to share his hearing loss story with us, detailing the moment he knew his prescribed medicine was ototoxic, to the current joy he experiences from his now-improved hearing. Take a look!


“I realized that I had tinnitus around 15 years ago after I had just started taking 3 medications prescribed by my doctor. I knew that it was due to these because the onset was almost immediate. I didn’t know which med caused it, but I was told that it was irreversible.

Anyway, that hearing loss itself came on gradually over the years and it was hard for me to differentiate it from the ringing. No hearing problems ran in my family. Low or soft tone speech sounds were difficult for me to distinguish. I started watching tv with captions so that I could understand fully what was being said. I had not even entertained purchasing hearing options because I knew that most hearing aids were too costly.

Since getting my Cantos, I am less conscious of my tinnitus. The background noise is diminished when wearing them. I probably was most motivated to get hearing aids since it was causing misunderstandings and frustration involving my relationship with the one I love. So far my experience with Audicus has been great.

My main adjustment is wearing them in addition to my glasses. Any gatherings had been a challenge for me in the past because I did not always hear the conversation and was reluctant to participate. Now, I look forward to gatherings with friends and family because I now feel like I can be part of the conversation.

I love Christmas and all the sounds and sights that go along with it. I would not hesitate to share my experience with friends and family while enjoying the discreetness with those who don’t know me which helps to avoid stereotypes.”


There you have it– another happy Audicus customer. We are so pleased to hear of Robert’s proactivity in taking control of his hearing loss, and are even more pleased to know that our product will be able to enhance the sights and sounds of Christmas and the holidays that he loves so dearly.

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