Life is getting more and more online nowadays, and that includes your health and wellness. One of the most useful digital health options is the online consultation. Perhaps you don’t have the time or money to physically visit a doctor, or perhaps you live in an area where there’s no doctor nearby. In this age of global interconnectedness, you should be able to speak to healthcare professionals online—here are some options for you.

Digital health: Hearing consultation

Hearing health is something most people take for granted, and many people don’t realize they are losing their hearing until it’s too late. Audicus’ new feature, Am I A Candidate, is a quick online assessment that determines if hearing aids and Audicus are the right solutions for you. This is for everyone, whether you’ve had hearing aids or not.

Once you’ve finished the assessment, Audicus will direct you to the hearing aid that’s best for your type of hearing loss. Am I A Candidate coupled with the Online Hearing Test makes it so you never have to leave your house if you need to order hearing aids! Take these two quick tests and you’ll be on your way to better hearing immediately.

Digital health for a better smile

If you’re a little self-conscious about your smile but don’t want to deal with traditional metal braces, there are direct-to-consumer options instead. SmileDirect Club was formed in 2014 with the goal of providing people with custom clear plastic aligners specifically molded for their teeth (and future smile!)

SmileDirect Club has a quick consultation process where you can learn if their products are the best for you. Simply answer the 5 questions about your teeth and then they’ll send you an at-home impression kit you use to make a mold of your teeth. If you live near a SmileShop, you can do this is an office, but SmileDirect Club makes braces an option for everyone, no matter where you live!

Digital health and the virtual doctor’s visit

Sometimes you just don’t have time or the means to get to a doctor and urgent care is just too expensive. Luckily there are now many ways you can speak to a doctor without physically going to the office. LiveHealth Online is a service that connects you with doctors immediately. This is a great service if you need to see a doctor ASAP.

Say it’s Monday morning and your child just woke up with a rash on their face, but your pediatrician’s office is booked solid. LiveHealth Online allows users to video-chat with physicians so they can quickly and accurately diagnose whatever’s ailing you or your loved ones. These doctors can also order prescriptions for users if needed.

Fertility needs in an age of digital health

Fertility complications are some of the most personal and sensitive medical issues a person can face. Many people don’t realize they have fertility issues until they start trying to have children, and it can be an emotionally and financially difficult process. If you’re a woman interested in having children at some point, why not take a quick, private test to find out where your fertility hormones stand?

Modern Fertility provides women with a fast, at-home (or in-lab) test that measures an individual’s fertility hormones. Each person’s test is customized to their body and birth control, making it super accurate. Users also received personalized reports and 1-on-1 discussions with a fertility nurse to discuss any questions. Modern Fertility is also a lot less expensive than anything done at a doctor’s office—these tests are not covered by insurance and can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Modern Fertility’s test is $159.

By: Elena McPhillips