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For those looking to tighten their purse strings, the idea of cheap hearing aids may sound enticing. What isn’t appealing about getting better hearing at a fraction of the cost? Buying cheap may come at a price!


Used Hearing Aids: A Cheap Option


Buying secondhand is always a way to cut costs, but is that the right option with hearing aids?  That all depends on the hearing aid. If the pair was donated because of poor quality, definitely steer clear.

If they were sold because the user needed a different type of hearing aid, purchasing second hand may not be such a bad idea. However, the hearing aid still needs to be personalized to fit an individual’s ear.

This can be done with an audiologist, of course adding to the price with every alteration. In addition, the warranty is most likely outdated, and there could be added wear and tear to the hearing aids. Think twice about whether or not buying used is even worth it!

PSAP: A Cheap Hearing Aid


When searching for cheap hearing aids, the Internet may be the first stop. Unfortunately, the problem with this method is that users may not know what they are purchasing.

The quality of the product can only be assumed, and purchasers can easily get bogged down with the lingo attached to hearing aids. What is marketed as a hearing aid may actually be a Personal Sound Amplification Product without the buyer completely understanding the difference between the two.

A PSAP is an amplification device that may be perfect for someone who wants to amplify sounds in certain environments, but this is not a hearing aid. Those needing hearing aids require more complex technologies within their ear to adjust volumes around them instead of amplifying everything.

Hearing aids are programmable with settings that adjust sounds where needed. Since the Internet is available to everyone, anyone can buy a PSAP. Instead of consulting a professional, consumers can self medicate which may be dangerous and cause further hearing damage.

After speaking with an audiologist, it may be determined that a PSAP the best option, but this cheap alternative to a hearing aid does not provide the needed support for everyone. Don’t be fooled! The 100 to 600 dollar price tag may be enticing, but there is a reason for the low cost.


Audicus: A “Cheap” Hearing Aid


Enter Audicus. For those browsing the Internet for a cheap hearing aid, Audicus can draw in consumers with their low cost and high quality. Hearing aids range in price from 1000 to 1400 per pair, still a fraction of the cost of pairs found at an audiologist, which can reach around 6000 dollars.

However, at Audicus, there is nothing cheap about the materials used in the hearing aids. Cutting out the middleman, not skimping on resources, is what decreases the cost. These hearing aids are manufactured in the US or Europe by private companies and are tested and registered by the FDA.

The technology is also state of the art, and new hearing aids are produced as the technology improves. However, older models are still serviced. Because of the high quality, Audicus hearing aids have an average lifespan of 5 years, just like the pricey hearing aids you would find at a local clinic. Clearly, the low cost does not make these hearing aids cheap in any other way.


By: Diana Michel