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You know that certain sounds can cause hearing loss. There are also non-sound related reasons, like genetic causes or viruses. However, noise-induced hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss in the world. Let’s take a look at common sounds that can result in hearing loss.


  1. Speakers: Loud home stereos cranked at full volume can cause hearing loss. Even one minute of exposure to excessively loud music (110-140dB) can result in permanent hearing loss if you’re not careful. Arena speakers at concerts are also dangerous, so definitely wear earplugs when seeing shows.
  2. Garbage trucks: While it’s hard to avoid garbage trucks in daily life, continued exposure to their roar can cause hearing loss. This is mostly a problem for people who work on or near garbage trucks daily–always wear ear protection if you are consistently near garbage trucks.
  3. Lawn mower: No, you shouldn’t use the threat of hearing loss to get out of doing yardwork. However, continued exposure to machinery like lawn mowers and leaf blowers can lead to noise-induced hearing loss so it’s invest in heavy-duty ear muffs to wear while you’re working.
  4. Motorcycles: Your bike may look really cool, but riding it without proper ear protection is not. Ear muffs won’t fit under a helmet, but earplugs will. Check out the hi-fidelity earplugs designed for motorcyclists that filter out dangerous levels of noise but still allow you to be alert and aware on the road.
  5. Television: If you’re watching TV at dangerously high noise levels every day for years, your hearing can be affected. Use smartphone apps to determine if your volume is too high and then turn it down!
  6. Firecrackers: Most people only use these once a year to ring in the New Year, but overuse of firecrackers can actually cause hearing loss. In Mumbai (the loudest city in the world), firecrackers are the number one contributor to excessive noise! Be sure to limit your use of firecrackers as much as you can.
  7. Football games: This may surprise you, but sporting events like football games can definitely lead to hearing loss. The roar of the crowd, the band, and that screaming fan right next to you can all be dangerous for your hearing. Wear subtle earplugs to protect your ears and still enjoy the game.
  8. Airplanes: Planes are incredibly loud, and anyone working near them must be wearing ear protection. Routine air travel won’t lead to hearing loss, since being inside the plane protects you from most of the noise, but airport workers are in danger of plane-induced hearing loss.
  9. Earbuds: Yes, these can cause hearing loss. Music lovers should be careful when listening to music via mp3 players, because the sounds are projected directly into your ear and not filtered by any outside factors. The best way to combat hearing loss is to keep your music low.
  10. Blenders: Blenders, mixers, and other cooking appliances can lead to hearing loss if you’re around them for hours a day. Professional cooks should use hi-fi earplugs that can protect them from the problematic noise levels without blocking their hearing.


By: Elena McPhillips