Are you ready for the noisiest dinner table of the year? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with all of the catching up, shared stories, and laughter, we don’t want to miss a thing. And with seasonal gatherings on the horizon, why not take action right in time for the holidays?

Learn how to get renewed hearing by Thanksgiving.

Hear by Thanksgiving

Audicus hears every day just how life-changing our hearing aids have been to our customers and the people in their lives. So we’re guaranteeing delivery by Thanksgiving when you order the award-winning Audicus Clara hearing aid by November 16th. Use code THANKFUL2018 at checkout.

Plus a little something extra

We wanted to create a way to encourage action in time for the holidays this year so we’re adding a free classic remote ($99 value) to each order as a holiday gift to you. The remote enables easy handheld control over your devices to switch settings and adjust volume. Adding a remote also adds program settings that can be customized. Simply call our hearing experts to discuss which settings are right for your life and hearing needs.

No test? No problem.

Just like getting an up-to-date eye exam to know the right prescription for glasses, our technicians need a current hearing test to program your custom hearing aids. Either submit one from a doctor to our site or take our accurate Online Hearing Test for free in under 20 minutes from home.

Happy hearing, from the experts at Audicus.