Ready to bring on the Bluetooth? As technology advances and devices shrink, hearing aids keep up as one of today’s most modern devices. Still as small as ever, some hearing aids are now Bluetooth-enabled. With all the hoopla, the big question on everybody’s mind is: what is Bluetooth, anyway? And what’s the point of adding it to my hearing aid? In the following post, we take a look at Bluetooth hearing aids and Bluetooth hearing amplifiers to reveal how this new technology is changing the face of hearing aids.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Basics

Most Bluetooth hearing aids come with a controller that transmits and receives wireless signals sent from/to other Bluetooth enabled devices, similar to wireless Internet with computers. By doing so, sound information is sent through the wireless spectrum, as opposed to the airwaves – and hence the microphone inside the hearing aid is shut off. As a result, hearing aids with Bluetooth allow you to obtain better sound quality and, similar to telecoils, allow you to link up your hearing aid with as many as eight different devices, according to the American-Speech-Language Hearing Association.

You can hook up your Bluetooth hearing aid to your television, cell phone, FM systems, GPS systems and PDAs – some of which are illustrated in the next section. In fact, doctors who are hard-of-hearing can even link their Bluetooth to electronic stethoscopes!

best bluetooth hearing aids

Tune Into Your Television with Bluetooth Hearing Aids

You can enjoy watching television with the entire family, without turning up the volume to the max. With Bluetooth technology, reports HealthyHearing, you can connect an adapter your television. The devices then deliver the sound directly to your hearing aids with Bluetooth, and you can adjust the audio manually for yourself. This means your family can watch Prime time at a comfortable sound level, while you can adjust the volume to your needs.

Use Bluetooth Hearing Aids Like Headsets

Take this technology on the go. Many Bluetooth hearing amplifiers help you listen to music without damaging your eardrums. You can connect your hearing aid to all sorts of music players, including MP3 players, FM radio devices and car stereos.

Connect to Your Computer with Bluetooth Hearing Aids

More and more communication is done over the computer, and Bluetooth hearing aids keep you connected. By linking your Bluetooth to your computer, you can easily hear Youtube videos, make video conference calls or listen to your favorite broadcast.


A Big Plus of Bluetooth Hearing Aids: No More “Cell Yell”

Hearing aids and cell phones often mix like pickles and peanut butter. As you bring your mobile phone closer to your ear, you might experience a whistling feedback noise. As a result, many users succumb to the “cell yell;” that is, speaking at incredibly loud volumes over the phone. Pairing your Bluetooth hearing amplifier with your phone will thus keep the interference at a minimum and make conversations clearer and more enjoyable.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids– Now Available Through Audicus

Audicus Hearing Aids currently offers Bluetooth technology, at an affordable rate. Visit our shop section for more details– we look forward to hearing how it goes.


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by Patrick Freuler

12 responses to “Into the Wireless Age: An Introduction to Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  1. Are these actually hearing AIDS or hearing AMPLIFIERS? And how are they different from the more expensive hearing aids? Also, how well to they handle background noise in restaurants and other high noise areas?

    1. Hi Nathan, We sell three styles of hearing aids and one amplifier, called the Solo. All of our devices are built to drown out background noise and our BTE devices have settings specifically to help in loud environments, like restaurants. A member of our customer service team will reach out to you shortly.

  2. While I really like the clarity of the bluetooth enabled hearing aid, I have been experiencing problems with bluetooth changing my programs and disconnecting my synchronicity. When I disconnect the bluetooth from the aids, the problem goes away. Any thoughts? I am using a Phonak system.

  3. I look up ‘how much do the new Bluetooth Hearing Aids cost’ and everything that comes up mentions the COST, but when I go into the site, I don’t see anything about cost!!!
    How much do the Bluetooth hearing aids cost???
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Bev! At Audicus our Bluetooth enabled hearing aids cost $749 each. The Bluetooth remote, however, is sold separately for $299.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I am looking to purchase a pair of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids that fit entirely withing the ear canal. I would like to know pricing information as well features.

  5. Are the hearing aids affordable and How much do the Bluetooth hearing aids coast?

    1. Everything’s “affordable”…it just depends on how much money you have.

  6. I have been using a bluetooth hearing aid for two years and can honestly say, it was a great choice. I listen to music from my BlackBerry while commuting, watch tv late at night without disturbing others, and I can answer my cell phone while driving. I just wish they could skip the controller entirely and integrate the technology into the hearing aid itself.

  7. i want invesible hearing bluetooth

  8. I think you have noted some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

  9. when you have an earingaid ,when you speak your own voice is heard very loud by yourself but not so with bluetooth also background noise from the input is (why)

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