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You know the ones. They rocked back in their heyday, and they’re still rocking now. While 62 years old may mean retirement for some, these musicians have continued on in their careers and keep the music going.

  1. Sting (67) and Stewart Copeland (66) from The Police both continue to put out solo and collaborative albums, though The Police stopped touring after their 2007-2008 reunion tour.
  2. Bruce Springsteen (69) toured in 2017-2018 promoting Springsteen on Broadway, showing that this Boss may never retire.
  3. Gene Simmons (69) was featured on Jeopardy’s 2018 Halloween episode. He remains active, always looking for new ventures like restaurants, cruises, and playing himself in acting gigs.
  4. Billy Joel (69) will hit the road this summer playing at a number of baseball stadiumsand continues his residency at Madison Square Garden, where he’s played over 100 shows.
  5. Ozzy Osborne (70) named his 2018 tour “No More Tours.” Maybe that’s a hint towards his future, but the tour still continues in 2019.
  6. Elton John (71) put out his 30th (yes, 30th!) album in 2016. He was also featured on a popular segment of James Cordon’s late night show, Carpool Karaoke.
  7. Brian May (71) continues touring with Queen plus Adam Lambert and creatively consulted for the 2018 movie Bohemian Rhapsody.
  8. Eric Clapton (73) released an album of Christmas songs in 2018. His expressive guitar riffs continue to please fans young and old.
  9. Pete Townshend (73) and Roger Daltrey (74) of The Who have different interests now that they’ve aged. While the former has admitted to tinnitus and other hearing complications due to overexposure to loud music, the latter recently put out a solo album last year.
  10. Mick Jagger (75) and Keith Richards (75) from The Rolling Stones toured in 2017 throughout Europe which then continued into 2018 and even 2019. Their shows in 2019 will take place in stadiums around the US. See them now while you can!
  11. Paul McCartney (76) and Ringo Starr (78) from The Beatles continue to write and play hit songs well into their 70s. Both remain pop culture icons, highlighting their almost seven-decades-long careers in music.
  12. Bob Dylan (77) toured in Europe and the US throughout 2018. He was even received the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016 – the first musician to receive such an honor for their lyrics.
  13. Paul Simon (77) and Art Garfunkel (77) toured as a duo as recently as 2010, but Garfunkel’s vocal chords have taken a beating, so singing takes a back seat to activism and other endeavors. Simon remains active in releasing solo albums.
  14. Willie Nelson (85) released God’s Problem Child, which shot up to the number 1 country album on the 2017 Billboard charts.
  15. Tony Bennett (92) recently collaborated with Lady Gaga to produce Cheek to Cheek. Bennett continues to prove he is one of the greatest living musical legends and is willing to experiment with styles to remain current.

The list of active older musicians goes on and on! Here are a few more hit-makers who just keep getting better: Bono (58), Pat Benatar (66), John Mellencamp (67), Stevie Wonder (68), Steven Tyler (70), Carly Simon (73), Dolly Parton (73), Rod Stewart (74), Neil Diamond (78), Smokey Robinson (78), and Frankie Valli (84).

By: Diana Michel