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Joan Didion, 80, is gracing fashion covers world-wide as the face of “Celine” and the iconic Joni Mitchell is the newest star of Saint Laurent’s Spring campaign. Meanwhile, Jessica Lange is repping Marc Jacobs Beauty and at age, 92, Iris Apfel is seriously upstaging her 22-year-old co- star, Karlie Kloss, in Kate Spade’s newest ads. With older ladies making such a huge splash in the fashion community, we’re left wondering: is Boomer the new black?

Ari Seth Cohen seems to think so. Creator of the hit blog, Advanced Style, Cohen’s mission is to make this trend a permanent one. The 32-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer was inspired by the incredible style of NYC’s fashionable men and women “of a certain age” and wanted to find a forum to let these amazing folks share the influences behind their unique style. The blog itself is a mix of candid, man-on-the street-style photo interviews, along with more in-depth portraits of the fashion community’s older, key players. Unlike their younger counterparts, these fantastic ladies and gents have a style that they’ve spent decades cultivating, exploring, and perfecting. Patricia Fox, one of Cohen’s many subjects, sports a fruit-themed yellow hat and long ruffled skirt. A short quote underneath simply explains, “I’m a colorful person living in a beige world.” The truth is: while fashion trends come and go with the seasons, true personal style takes a lifetime to develop.

That’s why we here at Audicius are donning our favorite statement necklace and designer booties to announce our very first collaboration with Mr. Ari Seth Cohen himself! Designer hearing aids? Is that even a thing? Oh, it’s definitely a thing. Cohen’s teamed up with Audicus’ design team to bring our community something completely new and totally original. Inspired by the incredible patterns and jewels of his grandmother’s wardrobe, “like her sparkly pink rhinestone necklace from the ‘60s,” Cohen’s limited edition line of hearing aid stickers are like nothing you’ve seen before. We’re talking more than just a pop of color: these looks range from “leopard print” to “polka dot” and everything in between. Having trouble picking just one? Buy a few and change them up based on your outfit. “I think by making these items more joyful and fashionable, people will be more likely to want to use them,” says Cohen. We couldn’t agree more.

It’s a complete reversal from the way we usually think of hearing technology – the more discreet the better. Instead of treating hearing loss or disability as something that should be secret or hidden away, Cohen is pioneering a radical shift in perspective. Why don’t we take our supposed limitations and transform them into something powerful, brave, and beautiful? And Cohen isn’t even close to finished. The designer has plans to create a fashion-forward line of glasses and walkers. Sign us up!

So whether you’re out at happy hour or the grocery store: pop in that hearing aid, add a bold pair of baubles, and work that runway, honey!

By: Ariana Seigel