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The Audicus Online Hearing Test launched in May 2017 as the only online test that can program custom hearing aids. Creating the test was a labor of love and a lot of hard work.

We joined a wave of health tech startups using innovation to create more access to healthcare like Warby Parker, Simple Contacts, and Modern Fertility. More than 38 million Americans who need hearing aids do not have them (cite) due to cost, complexity, and access. Here’s how the Audicus Online Hearing Test is giving people access to hearing healthcare, how we made it, and how it works.

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How Audicus created the first online hearing test.

Creating the first Online Hearing test wasn’t exactly easy. It was developed over 2 years ago by neuroscience engineers, going through multiple iterations and clinical tests. Our goal was to create a test detailed enough to provide a thorough hearing loss profile while keeping it easy and fast to complete. The final version debuted in May and began providing information to those unsure about their hearing loss.

How the online hearing test works.

The Audicus Online Hearing Test is completely free, easy to use, and takes 15-20 minutes, depending on your hearing loss. It requires only an internet connection and headphones to take and test each ear twice at 5 frequencies. Built into the test are error-detecting algorithms that ensure accuracy and screen for signs that an underlying health issue may be present. When that occurs, the test will recommend a doctor’s appointment. Once you’ve taken the test, your unique hearing loss profile for each ear is sent to you by email. From there, our in-house audiology team can program custom hearing aids from the results.

What makes it different from other hearing tests?

The Audicus Online Hearing Test can educate users on their hearing loss and be used to program hearing aids. To see for yourself, read about how a Forbes journalist recently used the Audicus Online Hearing Test to buy her first pair of hearing aids online.

How an online hearing test gives you access to hearing aids.

In August 2017, the bipartisan Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act was signed which allowed Americans to get hearing aids without going to an audiologist, we began programming our hearing aids to the online test, no longer needing customers to submit a clinical audiogram.

This is huge for those without insurance, mobility, or access to an audiologist. Not to mention tech-savvy users who were just excited to save a copay for their hearing exam. When coupled with the direct-to-consumer cost of our hearing aids, one could now order custom hearing aids from their couch for thousands less than through an audiologist. Under 20% of those with hearing loss have hearing aids, so the test became a powerful way for us to remove barriers to treatment.