What are the benefits of Audicus Membership?

  • Audicus Membership allows you to access high-quality hearing devices at a low monthly fee.
  • Never worry about upgrading your device, purchasing accessories, or your device breaking.
  • Every 3 months receive a shipment of accessories to keep your hearing devices optimal
  • Every 18 months you can exchange for brand new devices at no extra cost.

How am I billed for my Audicus Membership?

  • Audicus Membership one-time setup fee of US$100 is charged on the date of sign-up.
  • Audicus Membership dues, are charged on sign-up and each month until canceled.
  • Audicus Membership dues will be charged to your credit or debit card.
    • Note: the credit card used must have 6+ months before the expiration date to sign up.

How do I cancel my Audicus Membership?

  • Audicus Membership does not affect your 45-day 100% money-back guarantee.
    • If you are not happy with your devices, return within 45 days (postmark to postmark) to cancel your Membership and receive a full refund for all payments.
  • You may cancel your Membership at any time by returning the devices and accessories.
    • Once the devices are received, no further dues will be charged.

What if I want to buy my hearing devices outright?

  • No problem: to own the device outright choose “Buy Now” rather than joining the Audicus Membership.

What accessories are included with the Audicus Membership?

  • Your devices ship with all the accessories needed for 3 months of operation.
  • Any additional accessories such as a Classic or Bluetooth Remote must be purchased separately.

What is included in the accessory care packages?

  • Each care package will include enough supplies for 3 months:
    • 24 × size 312 or size 10 batteries (not included for rechargeable devices)
    • 4 × domes
    • 4 × earwax guards
    • 2 × retention guards
    • 4 × cleaning wipes
    • 1 × cleaning brush
    • 1 × desiccant pack (included for rechargeable devices only)
  • Care packages will be sent automatically every 3 months and can be requested any time if more is needed.

What if my hearing device is damaged?

  • With the Audicus Membership, your hearing devices are fully covered for any accidental damage or wear-and-tear without a cost to you. Please contact us and let us know, we’ll be happy to help.
  • Tier 1 repair work will be done in our office. Tier 2 repairs may require additional assessment and more time.

What if I lose my hearing device?

  • Please contact us and let us know, we’ll be happy to help.
  • As an Audicus Member, a lost hearing device can be replaced for a one-time fee of $199/device.
    • Note: hearing devices that are lost or stolen are removed from the Membership plan and will become inactive after 90 days.

How does this affect my warranty?

  • Every device comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, the Audicus Membership does not affect this.

Can I use Affirm to finance my Membership?

  • Financing is not available for the Audicus Membership.

Can I use promo codes, coupons, trade-in rebates or are there Membership discounts for returning customers?

  • The Audicus Membership is the most affordable way to own hearing devices ever, we cannot offer discounts on Membership.

Who is eligible for the Audicus Membership?

  • At this time the Audicus Membership is only available to residents of the United States of America.
  • A valid credit or debit card must be used to enroll in the Audicus Membership.

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