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Getting-the-Most-Hearing-Aid-audicusThere are several types of hearing aids and hearing aid accessories that cater to each individual. Find out ways to optimize your hearing aid experience!

Many of the complications that come with using hearing aids, including discomfort and lowered performance, can be eliminated by following general guidelines for hearing aid maintenance. These guidelines include:

Regular Checkups With Your Doctor

Regular checkups are a good suggestion for people of all ages, regardless of whether or not they have hearing loss. Consulting an Otolaryngologist, or an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, will help you find which hearing aid is right for you as well as monitor possible incidences of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are many accessories that you can use to improve your hearing experience. Bluetooth controllers, Earwax Guards, and Volume Controllers are just some of the items you can use in conjunction with hearing aids.

Use Different Devices For Each Ear When Necessary

Some individuals suffer from asymmetric hearing loss, or differing levels of hearing ability in each ear. This condition can start in childhood and if left untreated can lead to communication barriers in adulthood. Overall hearing performance can be enhanced by using a different combination of hearing aids or cochlear implants in each ear.

Find the Proper Fittings

Finding the proper size for hearing aid parts can make hearing aids more comfortable to wear. Oftentimes, hearing aids not only come in a wide variety of different shapes but they also come in small, medium and large sizes. Finding the right fit guarantees optimal function and reduces the risk of a hearing aid falling out and getting lost.

Auditory Training

Auditory training can help you discern soft speech in noisy environments such as parties and restaurants. Listening And Communication Enhancement (LACE) Auditory Training programs can increase speech comprehension by as much as 40% and offer multiple listening exercises.

Audio Games

Recent studies have shown that audio games, when supplemented with specialized hearing aids such as Visually Guided Hearing Aids, can actually improve your ability to detect soft speech. offers hundreds of free games, many of which rely on sound alone.

Different Hearing Aids for Different Tasks

Different hearing aids have certain advantages and disadvantages. Specialized devices such as Visually Guided Hearing Aids are good for discerning soft speech and focusing on noise from a particular area, whereas hearing aid microsystems provide excellent comfort and low visibility. Choosing the right hearing aid for certain occasions can make your overall hearing experience more satisfying.

Donate Old Hearing Aids

After you’ve gotten the most out of your hearing aids, others can get the most out of them too! Hear Now, a program by the Starkey Hearing Foundation, allows you to donate your hearing aids to individuals who can’t afford new devices.

These tips can not only optimize your hearing experience but can also make hearing aids more comfortable and hearing training fun!

by Aaron Rodriques