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There are many signs and symptoms of hearing loss that vary between individuals. Typically they depend on the type and severity of the experienced hearing loss or impairment. 

According to Healthy Hearing, if you, or someone you know, has been experiencing hearing loss their symptoms may include: 

  • Struggling to understand speech, mainly in noisy environments 
  • Having difficulty understanding where sound is coming from
  • Hearing, but not understanding
  • Turning the radio or television up louder than is comfortable for others
  • Struggling to hear people on the phone 
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears 
  • Asking people to constantly repeat themselves  

Your symptoms may be related to many different types of hearing loss, including high-frequency, noise notch, low-frequency, and mid-range. The best way to understand your hearing loss is by taking an in-person or online hearing test

Test Your Hearing For Free

After you have taken your hearing test, you may find out you need hearing aids. Hearing aids not only help you get back to better hearing, but they can also positively impact your life in many ways including improved physical health, mental health, and sociability.

There are four main reasons you should not ignore your hearing loss if you are told you need hearing aids: 

  • Live a longer and happier life 
  • Keep your money in your pockets, and not spent on additional testing
  • Foster better relationships with family and friends
  • Maintain your mental health 

If you have decided that hearing aids are the best option, the next step is to purchase the right hearing aid for your unique hearing loss. You have two options, buy your hearing aids from your local audiologist, or look online.

There are many benefits to buying your hearing aids online, including improved customer service, overall ease, and accessibility. One of the biggest pros to buying hearing aids online though is that you can often find much cheaper options than at an audiologist’s office. 

When buying online with Audicus, you start by taking the online hearing test. This is an expert-designed test that will accurately tell you what type of hearing loss you have and its severity. The test will also tell you which hearing aids would work best for your hearing loss. 

Once you’ve sent your test results, Audicus offers free consultations over the phone to go over the results, and what solution will work best for you. Then, the in-house audiology team custom programs each device specifically to the results of your test. Your hearing aids are programmed just for you-just like an audiologist would, but without the exorbitant cost or office visit. 

If buying online looks like the best option for you or someone you know, look no further than Audicus. Get back to healthy hearing and the life you love.