audicus-hearing-aids-unwrap-gift-of-hearingWe are in the thick of the holiday season. If you’re a wise, hearing-aware individual, and you realize that you’re having trouble hearing, you may have already given us a call. You would have consulted with our Audicus customer service team and would have covered topics like which hearing aid is right for you based on your hearing loss, or which color is our most popular (forever a stalemate between beige and silver).

Like a giddy child eager to peer under the Christmas tree, you await the postman’s arrival for your white cardboard parcel: all you want this holiday season is your humbly-wrapped hearing aid, and Audicus is thrilled to be able to provide that to you.

Once your wishes have been fulfilled, and your small-but-mighty hearing aids have been taken out of the box, you may have some initial questions. Here’s what to expect the first few days after you’ve unwrapped the gift of hearing.


Jingle bells have never sounded so… loud!

First-time hearing aid users often experience some initial high-frequency shock upon wearing their devices. Think about it: most age-related hearing loss occurs in the ‘high frequencies’ (think sounds like squeaky wooden floors, children’s and women’s voices, a running tap, and, of course, bells!). This means that your brain is simply not used to hearing these sounds, and needs a bit of a grace period to readjust.

This also means that a great deal of these high frequency sounds will sound just a teensy bit too loud upon first listen. Not to worry, though– Audicus hearing aids boast auto-adapt technology, meaning that they can adjust to the environmental volume levels. This feature will help diminish the cringe-factor upon hearing jingle-bell-laden Christmas tunes for the first time with your new hearing aids.


Get ready to show it off– or not!

Think back to your childhood holiday traditions, and how enthralled you were to show off your number one gift… you know, that gleaming new train set, or the latest LP from your favorite group. Whatever it was, you were hooked, and some gift-giver had really hit the nail on the head. Get ready to relive those days, because this year, that could be you!

While everyone reacts differently to wearing a hearing aid, we have actually found that a majority of our customers wear their hearing aids loud and proud, and despite the discreetness of our products, prefer to show them off to friends and relatives rather than conceal them. Of course, if you’re more keen to keep your Audicus hearing aids as your little secret, that’s fine too– we also have plenty of customers who report that family and peers are shocked when an Audicus-wearer divulges that they’re sporting hearing aids, as they are so discreet they’re barely noticeable to others. This almost leads us to believe that, unless they’re pointed out, it’s as though no one would ever know they were there…


Take ‘em off

After you’ve holiday-partied the night away, be sure to care for your new hearing aids properly. This means wearing them daily (and through your busy holiday social calendar!) so that your ears can get used to them. This also means turning them off– using either the control buttons and putting the device in standby mode, or opening the battery door so as not to drain battery overnight– and cleaning them. Keep them in a safe place overnight in a location you’ll remember, such as a nightstand or dresser. This will help you establish a routine and get you further acclimated to wearing and caring for your freshly-unwrapped Audicus hearing aids.


by Andrea Zielinski