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Although Audicus already brings down the cost of hearing aids, there is no denying that hearing aids can still be a substantial expense. 75% of people with hearing loss don’t purchase the needed hearing aids because of the price. With traditional hearing aids coming in at 5,000 to 10,000 Canadian dollars, many Canadians rely on their great universal health plans to help cut costs. Some provinces completely cover the cost, while others offer partial coverage or none at all – regardless, there is never any tax on hearing aids! Here’s a quick overview of the basics of Canadian healthcare.


Determining Eligibility for Assistance


Each province has different departments and programs available for cutting the cost of hearing aids since general nationwide health care coverage skips over hearing aids. For example, if you are an Ontario resident, you may be eligible for the Assistive Devices Program if you experience a disability requiring a hearing device for over six months. This covers 75 percent of the cost up to 500 Canadian dollars per ear piece. For those who live in Quebec, their Hearing Devices Program provides subsidies for those with hearing loss over 38 decibels. Some of the Atlantic provinces offer wholesale hearing devices, which would not be purchased through Audicus, but still cut cost. Bad news for those living in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut – there are no provincial coverages for hearing aids.


If you are unsure what programs your province offers, check the governmental website to see if you are eligible. Some programs require that hearing aids are purchased from specific providers, some ask that reimbursements be made after ordering the hearing device, and some will even purchase on your behalf. If the purchase is made through Audicus, there is always a customer service representative standing by to answer questions specific to your order. We are also able to provide the necessary documentation for submitting claims for reimbursement.


Other Forms of Assistance


Outside of provincial programs, there are other forms of financial assistance available for you. If you gained hearing loss through your job, many provinces provide Worker’s Compensation (again, dependent on province). Current or past members of the Canadian Forces or Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as their dependents could be eligible for Veteran’s Affairs benefits which include complete hearing aid coverage. Group health insurance plans are often available through employers which frequently provide discounts for hearing aids. Finally, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association can link you to organizations that may have special compensation for those struggling to afford hearing aids.


The Most Affordable Option


Though Audicus is an American company, it is also a great resource for Canadians looking to cut costs on hearing aids. Our Canadian customers prefer Audicus because our devices always end up costing them less. Even with the coverage plans that are available, due to standard industry mark-ups, these hearing aids can’t compete with Audicus prices. Not only are Audicus hearing aids the most affordable, once you have funding squared away, the process is simple, regardless of where you are ordering from. It starts with seeing your local ENT or audiologist and obtaining a copy of your audiogram. Since Audicus is all online, you can then upload the results from your own home and pick out the hearing aid that is right for you on the website. This hearing aid will then ship at either a flat rate of 39 dollars or an express rate of 65 dollars, not including any customs costs. The hearing aid comes in the mail with an instruction manual that will help guide you through customization and troubleshooting, and a 12-month warranty covers manufacturing defects. If there is any issue with the hearing aid, first reach out to a customer service representative who can guide you through the return or exchange process. Audicus hearing aids come with unlimited free tune-ups which allow you to have your hearing aid reprogrammed and mailed back to you within one to two business days (shipping costs may vary). You should never have to settle for poor hearing again!


By: Diana Michel