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Does your spouse need hearing aids, but you don’t know how to bring it up? Learn different ways of communicating with your loved one in this week’s latest Audicus blog!


There are over 26.7 million people over age 50 with a hearing impairment, yet only 14% use a hearing aid. Many people don’t know they have hearing loss and never make it a priority to have their hearing evaluated by an audiologist.


Hearing Aids and Your Spouse


It can be hard to tell a spouse that they may need a hearing aid. There is still a cultural stigma with wearing hearing aids, and it is normal to be afraid of aging or declining health. A lot of people in need of hearing aids are also in denial and may make excuses.


Hearing loss can also be gradual and an individual may not notice that their hearing has declined and they need a hearing aid.


Make sure to be very understanding and gentle when you introduce the idea of them getting hearing aids. Be sure to listen to them and be open to communication when they voice their feelings and concerns.


When telling your spouse that they need hearing aids, communicate that your advice is from a place of concern, rather than a criticism.


Bringing the topic up with your spouse may be hard, but in the long run, it is much better than doing nothing at all.


Hearing loss, when left untreated and unregulated by a hearing aid, can result in progressively worse hearing and other medical conditions.


Hearing loss has been linked to conditions including dementia and depression. Individuals with worsening hearing loss may become more introverted because they feel as if they are having difficulty communicating with people.


Individuals with hearing difficulties may also be too embarrassed to ask people to repeat words or phrases.


Hearing loss can make it a lot harder to focus on someone’s voice in a crowded space like a cocktail lounge or music concert, and as a result people with untreated hearing loss may be less likely to go frequent events they would normally go to in the past.


The earlier a hearing loss problem is tackled, the better. Judging by what is causing the hearing loss, your spouse’s condition may even be reversible. Therefore, motivating your spouse to go see an audiologist will do more good than harm.


Hearing Aid Solutions


Be sure to communicate with your partner about their comfort level when it comes to wearing hearing aids. Some people prefer hearing aids that are barely noticeable, while others are more comfortable with hearing aids that are durable or can be removed easily.


The more we work towards acceptance and providing hearing aids for the people that need them, the less of a stigma it will have. Let your partner know that there is nothing wrong with wearing hearing aids.


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By: Aaron Rodriques