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With the realization of hearing loss may come a bit of panic and confusion over where to begin with treatment. Those with hearing loss may remember the days of stigma towards hearing aids and suddenly may feel themselves facing age with fear.

Thankfully with the advent of new technologies every day, it is possible to treat hearing loss earlier, more easily, and without stigma. Check out some of these technologies for treating hearing loss.

Audicus’ Online Hearing Test

This is an exemplary technology for determining if you have hearing loss. First, you will be asked to fill out some basic information such as age, gender, and an email address where to get your results.

Then, you should find a quiet area to begin the test, which takes about ten minutes. You will need headphones because certain sounds go through different ears, and one ear could have stronger hearing than the other.

Test Your Hearing For Free


Sounds are played at different frequencies, and all you have to do is click when you hear the sounds. From there, Audicus will give you the results of your test, helping you to get an idea of what kind of hearing loss you may have. Using this technology will help you begin treating hearing loss.

Better Hearing Institute’s Pamphlet

This technology for treating hearing loss helps if you are unsure how to broach the topic of hearing loss with your doctor. Since only one out of every four physical examinations contains a hearing test for adults, it is often up to the patient to ask their doctor the right questions to get answers about their hearing health.

This digital flipbook, “How to Talk to Your Doctor About Hearing Loss,” includes information about signs and risk factors for hearing loss, signs of diminished hearing, and potential side-effects of hearing loss. The friendly six-page pamphlet is full of information that is easily digestible, making the conversation between doctor and patient a little easier.

Ida Telecare

The Ida Institute Hearing Co-operation has set up a series of technologies for treating hearing loss through their Ida Telecare program. It is an online platform that engages users and provides several types of resources to help with daily communication and management of hearing loss.

The goal of Ida Telecare is to engage doctors and patients to make the hearing loss treatment process easier and more interactive. Here are a few examples of online tools offered under the umbrella of Ida Telecare:

  • My Turn to Talk – gives patients a way to prepare questions for their doctors and identifies who can best answers specific questions.
  • Tinnitus Thermometer – breaks down the times and settings where patient experiences tinnitus, helping their doctor get an idea of the severity of the hearing loss.
  • Living Well Online – helps users explain when and where communication differs due to potential hearing loss.
  • Dilemma Game – a series of situations are offered, and users must pick their best solution, helping users break down their reactions and prepare for other potential situations.


If you are worried about hearing loss in your life, utilize these helpful technologies that treat or explain hearing loss.


By: Diana Michel