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Instead of focusing on the uber-complicated, overly challenging technologies out there, this fall, engage with some creative arrivals in the tech world. These fall trends make life a little easier and certainly more fun!


Smart Luggage – Have you ever packed your bag for a trip hoping you haven’t exceeded the weight limit for your airline? With smart luggage, the guessing is taken out of the process. After packing your bag, you are given a specific weight, and some bags also have a GPS locator. No more lost bags during your travels! The smart luggage also charges electronics inside, so you arrive all powered-up and ready to go. Specific brands include Samsonite, Rimowa, Raden and Delsey, and prices range from $100 to $400, depending on the item’s specifications.


Folding Electric Bikes – Perfect for the commuter or someone looking to save the environment, folding electric bikes check all the boxes for ease of use. First, riders can utilize the pedals or the rechargeable battery. Second, the smart bikes allow you to track a route ahead of time to follow along as you ride. Third, the bikes fold to a compact size, allowing you to put the bike under a desk, in a trunk, or in a closet. Ford, URB-E, Trek, and Voltswagen all make models ranging from $175 to $1,500.


Light Therapy Alarm Clock – It’s never fun to wake up to an alarm, particularly when Monday morning hits. With light therapy alarm clocks, it’s a more calming experience to start the day. You can set a wake-up time, and the alarm clock will gradually lighten during the 30 minutes prior to that time. The light is not your standard incandescent bulb; these clocks utilize UV-free light that mimic the sun. The sounds played to wake you are also more soothing and sound natural. These alarm clocks come with a much cheaper price tag than other gadgets, coming in around $25 to $100.


Charging mats – With all the technology and the increase in tech users in every household, charging stations become a commodity. Unfortunately, more devices tend to mean more cords and more outlets. To combat this, try out a charging mat. You can place devices on top of the mat and wirelessly charge multiple devices at once. These mats work with cellphones, laptops, and tablets. For bonus points, try out the EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5K-L Lightning Power Bank, which slides into standard sized binder and can travel easily to work or school.


USB Beverage Warmer – For many, the first stop of the day is a trip to the coffee maker, then to a computer. Whether you are working at a desk or looking for an easy way to keep your caffeine fix warm, a USB beverage warmer might be the perfect solution. A hot plate plugs into any type of USB outlet, using that power to keep your mug and beverage warm. A simple technology that might just improve your morning for only $10!


By: Diana Michel