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What are standard battery hearing aids?

Standard battery hearing aids are hearing aids that are powered by batteries. These types of hearing aids differ from rechargeable ones, which do not require disposable batteries.

changing your hearing aid batteries

Standard batteries are disposable batteries. Size 10 batteries last between 4-5 days, while size 312 batteries last between 5-7 days. Tip: to get the most life from your disposable hearing aid batteries, wait about 2-5 minutes after peeling off the tab before inserting it into your hearing aid.

What are the benefits of standard battery hearing aids?

You can change the batteries anytime, anywhere, and you only have to change them ~1x/week. They are also widely available for purchase at grocery stores, pharmacies, wholesale stores, and online.

What are the cons of standard batteries?

The batteries are very small, so if dexterity is troublesome I would not recommend a disposable battery-operated hearing aid.

Who is right for battery-powered hearing aids?

This is largely personal preference, but people who enjoy streaming audio to their hearing aids for long periods of time should consider standard batteries (since heavy streaming will drain the batteries faster and may require replacement during the day).

Also, people who travel often and do not want to carry a charger or worry about adapters overseas often choose standard batteries.

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Kristen Knight is a Licensed Hearing Instrumentation Specialist (LHIS) and the lead clinician at our New York City Audicus Clinic. With a wealth of knowledge and patient care experiences, she’s here to answer all your hearing aid questions and help you make the most of your hearing journey.