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The next time you head to your general practitioner for a check-up, start a discussion about the possibility of hearing loss. The concern of hearing loss can be overwhelming, so here are a few hearing loss questions to ask to get the ball rolling.


What exactly qualifies as hearing loss?

It may feel like a very basic question, but you might be surprised what is considered hearing loss. While the doctor will start by giving you just the basics, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper and ask all the questions on your mind. Building a relationship and trust with your doctor is essential to provide the best care. What you may think is hearing loss could be something as simple as an earwax build-up or a debris clog in your ear. After a basic ear examination, your doctor can clear up some of these basic questions and solutions.


Is there a cure or way to prevent hearing loss?

While doctors will tell you there are no cures for hearing loss, they will give you a list of ways to stave off further damage. Things such as wearing ear plugs, avoiding certain loud situations, and treating your current hearing loss are all good steps to take, but a general practitioner can expand and answer hearing loss questions about your specific lifestyle and actions you can independently take.


Why am I experiencing hearing loss?

Hearing loss occurs because of damage to the ear. There are various ways that damage can occur. One of the most common causes is overexposure to loud sounds for a prolonged amount of time. Think about how many times you’ve felt your ears ring in the past, and you can be sure that damaged your hearing. Hearing loss also occurs with age, so this could be one of the culprits of your hearing loss. However, the doctor can also determine if the hearing loss is a result of a greater health concern such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or a negative reaction to medication. If your general practitioner knows your health history, they may be better able to answer this question.


Are hearing aids the right choice for me?

Questions about hearing aids are only natural, as they are frequently prescribed as a way to combat hearing loss. In this case, a general practitioner will only be able to give you a basic idea of hearing aid prices, makes/models, and care. Audiologists are doctors specifically trained for ear care. They are able to conduct hearing tests, print out the results in an audiogram, and let you know about types of hearing aids that could work for you. There are a plethora of hearing aids on the market, so it is important to do your research on the topic before purchasing.


Can you provide me with additional resources for hearing loss?

While the Internet can provide you with a multitude of support groups, forums, and discussion boards, a general practitioner will be able to give a more localized answer. There may be a support group, audiologist, or hearing aid manufacturer in your neighborhood you did not know about. If you think you’re experiencing hearing loss but don’t want to make an appointment with a doctor just yet, you can take our Online Hearing Test. It was developed with the help of experts over a two year period and is easy, free, and accurate.


By: Diana Michel