Bluetooth Controller - Canto Hearing Aid

Bluetooth Controller - Canto Hearing Aid


The Bluetooth controller allows you to sync your Canto Hearing Aid with other devices, such as your smartphone, iPad or iPod. It also comes with a separate wireless transmitter that you can use with your TV and/or other wireless devices that operate at a distance.

Besides enabling the wireless capabilities of the Canto, the controller also allows you to control the hearing aid's volume and program settings.

Bluetooth functionality is only available with the Canto hearing aid with Enhanced Clarity. Enhanced Clarity cannot be added to a hearing aid after the 45-day trial period expires. All Bluetooth controllers require your hearing aid(s) are in the office to be paired in our system as one unit. If you purchase the Bluetooth controller after you have received your hearing aids, you will need to send back your hearing aids to Audicus after purchasing the controller. All remotes come with a 30-day manufacturer warranty.

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