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Employee Spotlight

October 2023

Meet Tyler Stocker, Sales Manager!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

I feel human at this company, knowing that I can relate to a lot of people

How’d your career path bring you to Audicus?

Prior to joining Audicus, Tyler Stocker graduated with his degree in Education and aspired to be a Special Education teacher. He received an offer to teach, and after teaching he eventually moved to New York to work in B2C sales with ACE Sourcing and Yelp. After some time of sharpening his skills, he got quite good at it, but wasn’t confident in what he was selling. He recalls “I wasn’t sleeping well knowing Joe Schmo’s business down the street wasn’t going to see a return.” He craved work that felt more meaningful and made a bigger impact in the lives of others.

After some time, Tyler connected with someone on Linkedin for an open role at Audicus, and went to FiDi for an in-person interview. When he came to Audicus, he immediately “saw Monica’s smiling face, Ops working nearby, an audiologist seeing patients, and the CEO was sitting nearby.” It was a first strong impression and he really liked that the office felt homey, where everyone worked under one roof together, and “all compartments of the business engine moved as one.”

What is your role at Audicus?

Tyler joined Audicus in 2021. In his first role with the company, he began as an Account Executive wearing many hats, earning his way up to Senior Account Executive. He mentions “I wanted to spread my wings in leadership,” and earlier this year he was able to soar and was promoted to a Sales Manager. 

In his role as a Manager, he runs a pod of six Account Executives, making sure things are aligned and running smoothly, and ensuring his representatives are supported and have all the tools they need to have a good experience. Striving to be a strong and supportive manager, he says he tries to “do my best to alleviate any stress, and back-end duties to take the stress off of frontline Account Executives.” 

How do you like to start your mornings?

“I definitely need to shower and have a coffee” before the day begins. Once he’s caffeinated, Tyler has begun to stretch, “finding that it has gotten me through the brain fog many of us experience in the morning.” His favorite morning routine is to walk down the street to his favorite corner deli and get a coffee, and then jumps on work a bit early to plan each day out.

What’s your favorite memory with Audicus?

Tyler has two favorite memories with Audicus. 

He recalls, “It’s more of a series of memories. Alex Crowell and I were Sales Representatives together in the FiDi office, the first ones there.” These two would rift ideas off of one another, try out different mock calls, and sharpen each other’s tool’s on product knowledge. Tyler believes, “from doing that in the office together to now being sales managers, it really pays off at Audicus and the company does recognize that.”

The second memory was November of 2021, where Audicus “hosted Thanksgiving at the Fidi office.” He recalls Patrick, CEO, inviting everyone to each go around and say what they were thankful for, noting “people really starting opening up” and it felt like family. He felt even more connected to the people around him, and says “I feel human at this company, knowing that I can relate to a lot of people” and says it’s one of his best memories with Audicus. 

What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?

Something surprising that not many know about Tyler is he’s a two time cancer survivor. He says “I beat cancer twice, and I’m currently two and a half years in remission.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, Tyler likes to explore places in New York City as “there’s never ending things to do.” Whether he’s trying out a new restaurant or exploring a new neighborhood, Tyler enjoys being adventurous out and finding new things to do. He is from Youngstown, Ohio, and several of his friends from that area also live in the city. They all come together for a Sunday Dinner where they enjoy homemade marina, bruschetta, and of course wine to keep the family dinner tradition alive. 

Additionally, Tyler is a big sports fanatic, happily supporting the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Guardians, and Michigan Wolverines. He says “the seasons overlap, so I’m never out of missing games to watch.” He’s also a big fan of video games, where he even met his girlfriend on Fortnite (who’s also from Ohio!). With some courage from his partner, Tyler will occasionally stream his game on Twitch where folks can watch him play.


Thank you for everything you do for us, Tyler! We are so lucky to have you be a huge part of the Audicus Team and mission.