Your world of hearing just got bigger!

Audicus welcomes their newest hearing aid, The Spirit, to their product lineup. This cutting edge receiver-in-canal (RIC) is our most advanced hearing aid yet, offering Bluetooth, rechargeability, and remote adjustment capabilities. Advanced sound processing, speech-focus features, and settings that adapt to your life, allowing you to experience ultimate freedom and renewed hearing everywhere. 

The Spirit is the hearing aid you’ve been waiting for. Communicate effortlessly, with hearing aids so good, you won’t even notice your own hearing loss. Enjoy consistent Audiologist support, whenever you need it. 

Remote adjustment makes hearing care easier, more flexible, and less time consuming. Enjoy customized Audiologist adjustments with just a push of a button. Make adjustments from the comfort of your own, by using the Hearing Remote App on your smartphone. All you have to do is complete the online form, and the adjustments will be sent right to your phone ready to connect to your Spirit hearing aids. 

The remote adjustment hearing aid allows for adjustments to be made right through the Remote Hearing App. You can now adjust the Bass/Mid/Treble directly from the app. Our Audiology team can also adjust the degree of sound (specifically, + / – dB). 

What to expect with your new Spirit hearing aids:

  • Multi-function button – switches programs, changes volume
  • Microphones – where sounds enters your hearing aid
  • Indicator light – LED to indicate power and charge level
  • Receiver wire – connects receiver (speaker) unit to hearing aid
  • Receiver – amplified the sound directly into the ear canal and contains the earwax guard in the tip
  • Dome – grey hypoallergenic silicone cover on the receiver to hold the unit in place comfortably in the ear canal
  • Charging pins – short metal prongs to facilitate charging

The Audicus Spirit hearing aid is designed to be customized.  Our programming technicians tailor each device to your unique hearing. The Audicus Spirit can be yours today for just $1,399 per ear. Regain control, experience ultimate freedom, and get back to the life you love with the Audicus Spirit remote adjustment hearing aids!