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Employee Spotlight

January 2023

Meet Monica Junge, Director of Sales Enablement!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Today we’re highlighting: Monica Junge!

“We’re all in this to ultimately help people hear.. and it’s really cool we are all collectively in it together.”

What initially drew you to Audicus?

Monica has been part of sales for quite some time and her growth shows she is someone who strives to never stop learning. “I had been in sales for over five years as an Account Executive, and before Audicus I was selling in the B2B world.” 

A recruiter at Audicus reached out to Monica regarding an AE opening at Audicus, and she was quickly intrigued about hearing aids. She was looking for a new challenging Account Executive position that was much more fast-paced and high energy than what she previously experienced.  After doing some research on the company and learning about the mission and vision of the company, she fell in love with Audicus and what the company has to offer. She recalls that what she loved most about the role was “being able to make a direct impact on people’s lives and help them hear, was something that tugged at the heart strings for me.”

After transitioning into the role, Monica knew Audicus was the right fit for herself. The friendly teammates and fast-paced environment was a perfect match, and she felt as though she found her home within the team.


What is your role at Audicus and when did you join the team? 

Joining a startup offers a multitude of opportunities for growth. Monica has experienced this herself, stating that “one of the greatest things about a startup is that your role can totally evolve and opportunities can exist that hadn’t existed before.” Monica’s path to her current position has been one full of growth and new challenges. She started her journey at Audicus as an Account Executive, and remained in that role for about a year and a half. After learning new skills and proving her sales experience, she then migrated to the team lead position within the sales team, and was promoted to Sales Manager. After being in that role for a bit and developing more leadership skills, she was promoted to Sales Enablement Manager, and now sits in the role of Director of Sales Enablement.  

Monica handles all of the onboarding, coaching, and training of all of our new sales hires and some other hires from various departments as well. Monica has been in this enablement role for a year and a half. Two years prior to accepting this enablement role, Monica recognized there was a need for a more formalized onboarding program, which would allow Audicus to build up the sales team more quickly and efficiently. She pitched this idea – and herself – to the team, and says she is “ extremely passionate about helping people grow and coaching people, and being able to share my excitement about the role and Audicus, and the products with new hires is extremely appealing to me.” Monica’s aptitude for strategy and a strong customer-focus makes her a natural fit for the position, enabling her to help train the team to provide the best customer experience for those purchasing Audicus products and bringing in new business.


What’s one of your favorite memories at Audicus?

Audicus is full of fun and friendly team members who genuinely enjoy spending time with each other, and company events – both virtual and in-person – are ones to remember. Friendsgiving at the company is legendary. Monica mentions one of her favorite memories with the team was the first Friendsgiving Audicus hosted. “It was back in the old, “bat cave office” (the walls were black haha) where we provided catering for about twenty-five employees. The majority of the team was able to come, and we had a sit down dinner with the tables snaking through the office.” There were “place cards and settings, and it was so wonderful to have everyone together.” Audicus continues to host friendsgiving, which are both in-person and virtual for those who cannot attend in person. In addition, Monica has been enjoying all of the events that have been happening, such as our most recent virtual Holiday party where we had a snowflake making competition, and a chubby-bunny competition.


How would you best describe the culture at Audicus?

One of the most wonderful aspects of Audicus is how mission-driven the team members are, and “every single person truly stands behind the mission and vision for the company.” While the collaborative nature of the team members is one for the books, “we’re all in this to ultimately help people hear at a much more affordable price [than competitors out there], and it’s really cool we are all collectively in it together.”


What advice would you give someone looking to enter this field?

Testing the waters and entering a new, unfamiliar field can be eerie, but the reward to doing so will have a person learning about different areas of business and all its moving parts. The biggest piece of advice Monica has for anyone entering this field is to “be genuine and be true to yourself.” Audicus strives to onboard folks who are dedicated, well-rounded, and positive folks who truly care about the mission and helping those experiencing hearing loss. If candidates want to enter this field and embody those qualities, “it will ultimately come through and will be a seamless fit on both sides.” If you’re looking to take a leap into a new career field or path, trust your instinct and give it a go!


Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

Monica’s impact on the company’s success is a testament to her abilities to adjust, challenge herself, and keep making strides in every area of life. Outside of work, “my biggest identity is running. I am a long distance runner, marathons specifically, and spend a good portion of the year training and have run eight marathons to date.” The most recent marathon she participated in was the Philly Marathon, and trained for several months coming up to the race. In addition to running, Monica loves “orange theory, a high-intensity interval training” in a studio setting where she can continue to be active and test her own limits. Additionally, Monica “loves people and enjoying brunch with friends, hiking, exploring her home of New York City and adventuring into new areas of the city” she hasn’t seen yet.

We are thrilled to kick-start 2023 and see where Audicus goes!