Employee Spotlight

April 2023

Meet Ethan Herrera, Shipping Associate!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Today we’re highlighting: Ethan Herrera!

“The atmosphere I got from everyone was very warm and family-like. I was drawn to the camaraderie of Audicus and the team.”

What initially drew you to Audicus?

Audicus posts open roles across several career platforms, and Ethan initially found Audicus through an Indeed job posting. He knew for some time he needed a change of scenery at a new company, as his previous role became incredibly demanding throughout the pandemic, and Ethan was ecstatic to see Audicus had an open position. After a conversation with the Talent Acquisition team, Ethan recalls the recruiter had so much enthusiasm about the company, and her enthusiasm made him more excited for the opportunity and the chance to speak with the team. Ethan notes “her excitement made me want to continue the process, and I’m glad I did.” 

Later on in the interview process, Ethan met the remainder of the Operations team in person. He notes “I felt incredibly comfortable and welcomed, and “the atmosphere I got from everyone was very warm and family-like. I was drawn to the camaraderie of Audicus and the team.” 


What is your role at Audicus and when did you join the team? 

Ethan joined Audicus in June of 2021 as the Shipping Associate on the Operations team. When he began his time at Audicus, the company was located in the Financial District on Broadway. The company then made its way to our newest location near Penn Station. In his almost two years with the company, Ethan has made massive contributions to the team.  He’s incredibly handy, and volunteers to assist with any ad-hoc maintenance and projects in and around the office. 

A typical day at Audicus starts with Ethan being one of the first people in the office, unlocking the doors and getting the lights turned on, and once that’s set up he will personally handle the care subscriptions. Ethan mentions “I handle a lot of the reprogramming and some repairs of incoming mail.” Never stop learning is an important principle at Audicus, and recently Ethan learned how to plot audiograms from hearing tests onto export files.

Additionally, Ethan assists the manager with new orders, and acts as a bit of a liaison between the Customer Experience team and Operations team. He also “handles some administrative assistance with incoming letters and notices, and drop off orders at UPS or USPS” as well.


What’s one of your favorite memories at Audicus, and how would you describe the culture?

Ethan remembers “the warm welcome I got on my first day of work. Delaney [Director of Growth and Strategy, Marketing] and a Sales Representative were the first people to greet me at the door and made me feel incredibly welcomed.”  The team welcomed Ethan with open arms, and we are so glad he is here. In regards to the culture at Audicus, Ethan notes “it’s very relaxed and family-like, where I can talk to my colleagues about anything – anime, video games, sports.”

The culture at Audicus is warm, and the team encourages cross-collaboration and communication. Additionally, Audicus has very active Slack channels, and in the mornings Ethan asks the entire company a morning question. The questions Ethan posts in Slack cover everything from ‘what’s your favorite ice cream flavor’, to a memorable childhood memory. Ethan naturally brings everyone together, and these questions hold spaces for communication that help the teammates get to know one another on a deeper level. Ethan says these responses to his questions “help me meet folks I don’t get to see, especially if they are remote. It’s a nice way for me to reach out, understand who is in the company, and bring a good start to their day.” In addition to writing his daily messages and questions to the team, Ethan realizes how important it is to “build those connections and relationships – it can overcome many obstacles.”

Lastly, Ethan mentions “I didn’t think I was going to be writing these morning messages, but it just came to me one day, and I said I have to continue this and get out of my comfort zone. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and say hi, and I’ve gotten to learn so much about the team.”


Any advice for someone wanting to enter this field?

Entering a new field or making a career shift can be scary and unfamiliar, but also exciting to embrace a new challenge and change of pace. To those wanting to enter a new field, Ethan says “don’t stop applying.” Once you’ve found your next opportunity at a great company, Ethan encourages you to get involved and make yourself readily available for your team members, and build those friendships and network.


Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

In his free time, “I enjoy being active – I like playing sports, riding my bike, playing handball, basketball, anything outside.” In addition to spending time outdoors, religion is incredibly important to Ethan and is a huge part of him, as he’s been a full-time preacher for eleven years. Ethan notes the energy he brings to work is something he “attributes 95% to what I’ve learned due to my religion.”  Lastly, he notes “if I’m not playing sports, I’m with my fellow local brothers and sisters preaching and teaching, and trying to help others learn.”

Thank you for being here, Ethan! We are so lucky to have you on the team!