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Employee Spotlight

September 2023

Meet Carly Doran, Supervisor, Accounts & New Business!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

How’d your career path bring you to Audicus?

Carly Doran began her career working for a coffee company that supplied cold brew to offices across the east coast. As an avid coffee drinker, she was excited for this role, and was able to learn a ton about the coffee industry. During her time at her previous company, she worked in a B2B role where she performed sales and account management duties, and grew her skillset immensely. 

Due to the pandemic, many offices found themselves closing and shifting into remote environments, and unfortunately the company and its mission of serving in-office folks coffee was no longer needed. During this time, Carly sought out her role search, and wanted to work for a company where she could take her background in B2B sales and account management, and work for a company with a more meaningful mission and help make a difference. 

When Carly joined Audicus, she says she didn’t know much about hearing aids and hearing loss. Joining the team introduced her to the world of hearing aids, and feels that Audicus “teaches you good life skills, and introduces you into a whole new world of information.”

What is your role at Audicus?

Carly joined the Audicus team in December of 2021, towards the end of the pandemic. She was in a dual role and was an Account Manager for the B2B team, and also a scheduler for the retail and clinic team where she split her time between both duties.  

In her role as an Account Manager, Carly managed Audicus’ B2B partners, which were both correctional partners and pace groups (long-term care partners). She spent her time ensuring that partners were happy, orders were being placed, hearing tests were being completed, and that everything under that umbrella ran smoothly. 

After a year of that role, Carly was promoted to Supervisor of New Business & Accounts. Now she focuses on the onboarding process of new partners, ensuring expectations are aligned, processes are in place, confirming new partners staff members are trained up on how to administer hearing tests, place orders, provide care, and maintain care of hearing aids health. 

Once partners are fully onboarded, they are then transitioned to our Account Management team who will keep that relationship strong. Additionally, Carly oversees two wonderful team members.

How do you like to start your mornings?

Carly begins her morning the most important way possible. She says, “the very first thing on my agenda is to make my morning coffee” to get her fueled for the day. Carly mentions she moved into a new apartment several months ago, and had realized she’d never bought a coffee maker. She says “there’s a Dunkin Donuts about 100 yards away, so I’d get in the car every single morning and go to the drive through,” but now since purchasing her coffee maker, she’ll make one at home.

What’s your favorite memory with Audicus?

One of Carly’s favorite parts about working at Audicus is having the opportunity to travel a bit and attend conferences. She notes “this is the first role I’ve traveled out of state to meet our partners” and is excited to continue doing so in the years to come.  While many of the B2B team members are far away from one another, Carly believes “conferences are a great time for us to meet in person and spend time with my peers” and make memories together.

What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?

Something that may surprise people is that Carly plays pickleball! She “started playing during the pandemic when I realized there was nothing else to do. It was an outdoor activity that was safe and could still play with other people.” 

After some time playing, she admits she got very addicted to playing pickleball and says she’ll “always find a way to bring it up” in conversation.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Carly attended college for fashion merchandising, and says this area of study has “nothing to do with what I do now – except that I am very addicted to thrifting and finding second hand clothing.” 🙂

When asked about the best spots to thrift at, she mentions Goodwill is a great option, Bose Attic in Middletown has great finds, and local churches are a great place to peruse as well. In addition to her love of thrifting, Carly’s favorite hobby is playing pickleball.