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Employee Spotlight

December 2023

Meet Alicia Vestal, Business Development Representative!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

I feel human at this company, knowing that I can relate to a lot of people

How’d your career path bring you to Audicus?

Alicia Vestal began her career working in Property Management, an industry she loved where she managed residential units (apartments) and its residents. After spending several years in that industry, she wanted a different lifestyle and more independence in her day-to-day life. She took a leap of faith and moved to a new, bigger city, and found a role in B2B Sales where she sold office equipment and software to businesses. 

After being in this new city and role for a bit, she ended up meeting her husband, Justin, who lived in a different state – North Carolina. She ended up leaving this VA and moved with him, which meant she had to leave her role behind as they did not have locations in Raleigh. 

While looking for a new role, she came across a job post from Tara on Linkedin, and was keen to learn more about the company and team. Following meeting several team members in the interview process, she decided this was the company she wanted to pursue as the team was friendly and really came across as excited about the work they did in their roles. Alicia notes “I felt it was so rewarding – I could make a difference in people’s lives.”

What is your role at Audicus?

Alicia joined the Audicus team working in B2C Sales, and has transitioned into a B2B Business Development Representative. She works closely with Ahmed Buzeriba, Business Development Manager, to connect with businesses that Audicus can partner with to provide hearing testing and hearing aids. 

Additionally, Alicia has a focus in PACE (Program for All Inclusive Care), which are organizations that provide all-inclusive care services to the elderly, while allowing the individual to live independently with very little-to-no out of pocket cost.

How do you like to start your mornings?

Alicia begins her morning bright and early with her daughter. She says “I like to have just a few hours with her and go to the play area.” To boost her morning energy, she’ll enjoy a nice cup of caffeine and loves having a good breakfast. Once her daughter is down for her first nap, Alicia begins her work day.

What’s your favorite memory with Audicus?

Alicia has enjoyed her time with Audicus, and has created sweet memories with the team along the way. While Alicia was working on the B2C Team, Monica Junge was her pod’s leader, and Alicia was five weeks pregnant at that point. She recalls, “I told her I was pregnant before anyone else, even before my immediate family, and she was so excited and cute about it.” 

Every week during their scheduled 1:1, Alicia taught Monica a new fact about the baby as she grew. Alicia mentions Monica even sent her gifts for her baby shower all the way from New York to North Carolina.

What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?

Alicia mentions “I think a lot of people don’t realize that in addition to working from home and being a full-time parent, I attend the University of Virginia.” Alicia is working towards earning her business degree, and will be graduating in August of 2024.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Like many parents, Alicia says she feels like her “whole identity right now is being a mom because my daughter is an infant.” When schedules get more calm, she and her husband are eager to get back to their routine of camping and traveling. She and her spouse would camp every weekend and even traveled across the country camping, and going on road trips exploring new places. A destination they are eager to explore is Yellowstone in Montana, and Joshua Tree. 

Outside of exploring new states and camping, she mentions “we’re pretty low key people.” They enjoy going out to eat at new restaurants, and enjoying each other’s company.


Thank you for everything you do for us, Alicia!