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Lakeview, IL

Get the hearing care you need at our Lakeview location. We’ll be offering hearing tests, expert clinical support from our Audiologists and Nurse Practitioners, and all of our hearing aid products. If you’re already a customer, you’ll have access to aftercare, reprogramming, ongoing servicing, and repairs on Audicus products.
Address: 2940 North Ashland Ave (inside Jewel Osco), Chicago, IL
Phone number: (312) 324-3647
Hours of Operation:
Hearing Clinic Coming Summer 2021!

Hearing care at our Lakeview clinic:

Specialization Background
Sensorineural, conductive, and mixed hearing loss
Specialization Background
Hearing aids and hearing products
Specialization Background
Programming and fitting
Specialization Background
Ringing, thumping, or popping in the ears
Specialization Background
Specialization Background
Hearing tests

We're bringing the option of on-site support to you.

Come visit us in Safeway! Our clinic is right by the pharmacy

In-Person Hearing Care

Access the full range of Audicus services and products in one place.

Patient doing a hearing test at our Lone Tree clinic

Hearing Loss Testing

Test your hearing for free at your local Audicus clinic.

Audiologist helps a patient in the Lone Tree Denver clinic

Servicing and Support

Aftercare, reprogramming, servicing, and repairs.

Shop FDA-approved hearing aids in-store, for low online prices.

Dia II Silver Hearing Aid

The Dia II

For as little as

$499 /ear

$39 /ear monthly

Clara Silver hearing aid with apple watch

The Clara

For as little as

$699 /ear

$49 /ear monthly

The Aura with glasses New

The Aura

For as little as

$699 /ear

$49 /ear monthly

the wave hearing aid and iphone New

The Wave

For as little as

$899 /ear

$59 /ear monthly

spirit silver hearing aid and iphone New

The Spirit

For as little as

$1399 /ear

$89 /ear monthly

Questions about our Lakeview Hearing Center?

First-time and in-trial appointments at our Hearing Clinics are free. Follow-up appointments are $75.

Our hearing clinic covers a wide range of services from hearing testing, to custom product recommendations, to hearing aid adjustments and programming. You can try on our products to determine which one works best for you.

We tell our customers to block out 60 minutes for their hearing appointment.

Appointments typically include a review of your health history, hearing testing, and individualized hearing aid recommendations. We'll go over our models and program them to your hearing. You get your hearing aids on the same day as your initial appointment.

Of course! We honor all online coupons and discounts at our brick and mortar locations.

The cost of hearing aids depends on what Audicus product works best for your needs. We're committed to keeping pricing as affordable as possible. Our hearing aids start as low as $499/ear.

We offer the Audicus Protect subscription to address any damages. If you choose to subscribe, you're protected against any damage or loss and have access to unlimited checkups and cleanings. You're also eligible for a 1-time replacement.

Your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and preferences are all considered to determine which hearing aid is a good match for your needs. You'll want to have a recent or new hearing test to ensure the best results. Our Audicus professionals are available to assist you in-person at the clinic and help you find the right hearing aid for your specific circumstances.

Yes! We offer high-tech hearing products. The Spirit hearing aid is bluetooth enabled.

See why our customers love Audicus.

Robert G.
10 out of 10

The Audicus order process was extremely simple and straight forward. The hearing aids are of excellent quality and state of the art. "10 out of 10" ...

Liz C.
Going for 6 Stars Hear (pun intended)

Ok, so I just received my ORO Bluetooth hearing aids this week. UNBELIVEABLE clarity. For the last 5 years I've been wearing Starkey aids, which cost ...

CJ Doran
A Customer For Life

I cannot say enough about the outstanding service, support and performance of the ablue hearing aid. To review.. my wife has had a ...

Leo D
A great experience

The experience was simple, easy, and most importantly comfortable.

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