You have decided that you do not want a hearing aid, but you are beginning to notice signs of hearing difficulty and struggle to hear during a conversation. You want to turn up the volume of speech but cannot. What are you to do? You may want to consider a hearing amplifier. This broad range device can pick up and magnify the sounds around you and funnel them into your ear, similarly to hearing aids.


Hearing Aids Vs. Hearing Amplifiers


Unlike traditional hearing aids that are used to make up for impaired hearing, amplifiers are only intended to increase the volume of sounds. In addition, they are for occasional, not constant, use. Not every situation warrants an amplifier, while hearing aids should be worn in most situations if prescribed. Be sure to consult an audiologist if you are considering your options. If hearing loss goes untreated or treated only with an amplifier, the problem could get worse. However, for those who are looking to turn up the volume on television or a conversation without disturbing others, a hearing amplifier might be the perfect solution!


Personal Sound Amplification Products


Hearing amplifiers are often referred to as PSAPs, or personal sound amplification products. They are considerably cheaper than hearing aids and can be acquired without a follow-up trip to the audiologist’s office since an audiogram is not required. Some can even be programmed ahead of their arrival to the consumer with the consumer’s ideal settings.


Suitable Uses for Hearing Amplifier


As stated, amplifiers cannot be used in place of a hearing aid. In what situations do hearing amplifiers thrive? These are popularly used during recreational activity. For those who want to turn up the volume in church or in a movie theater, the amplifier can do just that. Amplifiers are also extremely helpful in one-on-one conversations where external noises may make the speech difficult to hear. Users can turn up the volume to better hear their companion. For those who cannot hear the television when the rest of their family is not struggling, the amplifier is perfect. It allows the television to be at a normal volume with everyone still hearing what is going on in a show – no one has to miss out. Because the amplifier picks up all sounds, they may be less reliable outdoors with competing sounds such as wind or loud city streets. The beauty of PSAPs is that the user can pick and choose when to wear the device.


The PSAP market is expected to grow to 84.4 million units by 2023. This growing trend will bring innovative hearing amplification to those suffering from hearing difficulty.


By: Diana Michel