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Hearing Aids: Five Travel Tips for the Holidays


The holidays can be very exciting and complicated times of the year, especially if you are traveling. Find out what opportunities you can take advantage of while carrying your hearing aids!

Have you ever anticipated a holiday trip, but didn’t know how to make all the proper accommodations? If you intend to take your hearing aids with you, a little planning goes a long way. Tips you can use to manage your hearing aids during holiday trips include:

Notifying a Security Officer about Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids and hearing aid accessories could possibly set off metal detectors. Be sure to let a security officer know what kinds of hearing aid technology you are using before you get screened at the airport. You can also specify what kind of communication you would like to use during the screening process, which can be done by using the TSA’s Notification Card. You are allowed to wear your hearing aid without having to remove it during the screening process.

Pinpointing Hearing-Friendly Locations Beforehand

For travel in the states, many locations offer hearing-friendly accommodations that you can take advantage of.  In New York City, MTA Subways are equipped with hearing loops, systems that transmit sound to hearing aids. Other locations that offer hearing loops include the New York Botanical Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Jacob Burns Film Center.

Protecting Your Ears During Travel Time

Trains, airplanes and other forms of transportation can prove to be excessively noisy. A jet engine from 100 feet away can be as loud as 140 decibels, which is loud enough to cause hearing loss if the exposure lasts for more than 15 minutes. Take ear plugs or earmuffs with you when you travel and take short breaks from areas that are particularly noisy.

Wearing Your Hearing Aids In Between Destinations

Travel locations during the holidays are bound to be very crowded! Make sure to wear your hearing aids so that you can hear your travel partners over the noise of other passengers. Announcements about delays, rerouting and other changes to traveling schedules are often times announced over a loudspeaker or personnel, so it is important that you use your hearing aids while at a train station or airline if hearing-friendly services aren’t available. You can usually find out the specific hearing services your travel agency offers by checking its online website.

Taking Multiple Accessories

You can eliminate possible complications during your holiday trip by carrying additional hearing aids and hearing aid accessories, including earwax guards and volume controllers. To streamline the screening process, notify an airline security officer about the types of hearing aid technology you are carrying in your luggage, in addition to the hearing aids you are wearing.

One of the best things you can do while traveling with hearing aids is prepare ahead of time. Finding out which items you’d like to carry and the places you’d like to visit early on will make for a more comfortable holiday trip!


By Aaron Rodriques

2 responses to “Hearing Aids: Five Travel Tips for the Holidays

  1. I have sent a concern in over a week ago and still have not received a reply.
    My question was and is “I pressed the right hearing aid button as low as possible
    and it did not block out the noisy sounds on the airplane. Why is this so? And
    also, does these hearing aids have the capability of do so? If they are suppose
    to block out the background noise in a noisy restaurant, why does it not do so?

    I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

  2. Is it a terrible idea to go to a rock concert when you have hearing aids? My grandpa loves this type of music, but I am afraid that it would be very stupid to take him there. I appreciate all of your suggestions, in case I find out that this would cause problems. The art museum might be a pretty decent alternative, because he is fond of those as well.

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