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Ah, fall. For many, it’s the best season—the air grows crisper, the nights get longer, the leaves turn fiery colors, and the scents of apple and pumpkin are around every corner. And, most importantly, fall sounds! Explore our top fall sounds that we can’t wait to hear, and with the help of hearing aids, you can enjoy them too!

Cider sipping: Whether you like it hot or cold, there’s nothing better than apple cider on a cool fall day. Cinnamon, apple, and nutmeg combine in a delicious treat that is the cherry on top of a day of apple or pumpkin picking. The sounds of people old and young happily sipping cider is a great sound of fall.

Spooky Halloween music: Fall means Halloween! As you near the end of October, every store will be showing their holiday spirit with ghostly decorations and spooky tunes. Everybody do the monster mash, it’s a graveyard smash!

Crackling fire: Fall is the beginning of cozy weather, and what’s cozier than sitting by the fire? A fire crackling away is one of our favorite fall sounds that we can’t get enough of. Pair it with a mug of cider and you’ve got a perfect evening.

Geese honking: Geese can be scary on land, but when they are flying way above you in their signature V-shape, their honking noises can be a great fall sound. It indicates the turn of the season as geese and other birds migrate south for the winter—do you follow them?

Marching band music: Fall means FOOTBALL. Whether you prefer high school, college, or professional football, one of the best fall sounds is the sound of a marching band raucously announcing your team. Crack open a beer, paint your face, and get ready for gameday!

Leaves crunching: The best fall sound, of course, is the satisfying crunch of leaves. No matter how old we get, we’re still on the lookout for the biggest, crunchiest-looking leaf on the sidewalk so we can have the most satisfying stomp. And what’s a better fall sound than hearing the loud crunch after your grandkids jump in their huge pile of leaves? Sure, you told them to rake the yard, but it’s more fun to watch and listen to the crackling, crunching of leaves as they announce that it’s truly autumn.