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There are a number of tests you can do at home to help monitor your health. Learn more about DIY healthcare in this week’s Audicus blog!


Consistently monitoring your health can be a large investment in terms of time and money. Finding time in your weekly schedule to make doctor’s appointments can be a challenge, especially when you need to go to multiple locations.

Luckily, there are now a number of inexpensive DIY tests that you can do online and at home!

Online Hearing Tests

Completing hearing tests online can be more convenient than visiting an audiologist because online hearing tests are relatively cheap, fast, and easy to complete.

For people that live far from an audiologist, have hectic schedules, or do not want to deal with excessive medical costs, a free hearing test is an easy solution.

Test Your Hearing For Free

If you’re concerned that you have hearing loss or would just like to check up on your hearing, Audicus has an online hearing test that is quick and easy to use! You can check your hearing strength and assess your hearing loss in 10 minutes and all it requires is a pair of headphones.

Test for Thyrotoxicosis

To test for thyrotoxicosis, place your straightened arms in front of you. Put a sheet of paper on the top of the back of your hands.

People with thyrotoxicosis will normally experience a tremor when they have their hands stretched out. If you have thyrotoxicosis then the paper on your hands will begin to shake. This is because thyrotoxicosis, which results in an overactive thyroid, will result in the person having an increased metabolism.

Faecal Immunochemical Test

The Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) can help detect bowel cancer and traces of blood in your stool.

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program kits can be purchased online and used to collect and store stool samples.

Although you may not be able to determine if there is blood in your stool by doing your own visual examination, you can send your sample to a pathology lab for analysis!

Test for Artery Blockage

You can test for arterial blockage by lying on your back in bed and raising your legs at a 45-degree angle for one minute.

Be sure to examine the color of your legs once you drop them. If your legs are white or relatively pale, it is possible that you may have arterial blockage.

The purpose behind this test is to assess your circulation and how quickly blood flow returns to your legs. Arterial diseases tend to affect circulation.

DIY Healthcare and Doctor’s Visits

Although DIY healthcare is a new, inexpensive and simple innovation that can make monitoring your health a lot easier, it isn’t a substitute for regular checkups.

Although it is common for hearing loss and declines in overall energy levels to take place with age, a medical professional is best at determining whether or not there is a problem.

By monitoring yourself with DIY healthcare and doctor’s appointments, you’ll be able to keep your body happy and healthy!


By: Aaron Rodriques

Source: Daily Mail