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Last week was a big week in the world of tech. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened in Las Vegas, unleashing all sorts of new devices. Wearables, and more importantly hearables(!), is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2015.

Smart Hearing Aids & Practical Health Solutions

Some of the gadgets on display at CES tended to border on the ridiculous, but there are plenty of devices this year that are addressing real world problems, says Jason Hiner reporting on the event. Practical health solutions was a theme, offering up devices ranging from a smart lilypad that tells you how much sunscreen to put on, to hearing aids that can be controlled by your smartphone. In fact, multiple companies announced smartphone-controlled hearing aids. Hearing aid giants Siemens, Beltone and Resound all revealed plans for their own. CES 2015, you have our attention.


Outside the world of CES…


Reversing Hearing Loss

Research is being done to eliminate the need for hearing aids completely. Gene treatments are in development that may be able to reverse the effects of hearing loss. However, these treatments are not posed to be introduced any time in the near future, and will not be effective for genetic hearing loss. Read on for the latest.

Jaw-Powered Hearing Aids?

Are you sick of disposable hearing aid batteries? Stock up on gum! Yes, chewing gum – the energy created by your jaw while chewing is enough to power your hearing aid. Now, researchers just have to figure out how to harvest it…

What do you think about these technological developments? Would you be willing to pay extra to use your smartphone to control your hearing aids? What about using hearing aids powered by chewing gum? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


by Alice Stejskal