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As we age, our bodies can put up a bit of a challenge. Much of this has to do with one’s shifting internal physiology: higher blood pressure, aching muscles, and of course, hearing loss. Though 30% of people over 60 do suffer from some form of hearing impairment (caused by deterioration of the inner ear), 100% of us notice a real shift in our physical appearances. We may feel like the same old “us” on the inside, but our “outsides” begin to tell a completely different story.

Fortunately, singer/songwriter and viral sensation, Donnalou Stevens, is offering an incredibly empowered way to reframe the conversation about our aging bodies. In her hit song, “Older Ladies,” which has garnered over 9 million views on Youtube, Donnalou reminds us that [though] “My thighs kinda jiggle when I giggle or wiggle / if that’s the reason you don’t love me / then maybe that’s not love.” Preach it, sister!

Suffering from chronic pain most of her life, Donnalou turned to meditation and art as a way to heal herself, taking her hardships and turning them into something truly positive. “I thought I was just putting out this little song,” says Donnalou, 55, “but I get to be the voice of empowerment. What a privilege and an honor.” And that “little song,” now a worldwide phenomenon, only took her a mere 30 minutes to write. As they say, “when inspiration strikes!”

Though DonnaLou puts a modern spin on the topic, she’s certainly taken a cue from some of the most iconic singers of the Boomer generation. Here’s a few more classic oldies about celebrating age:

1. Neil Young – “Old Man”

I hear ya, Neil! This song really expresses how deeply we desire to be heard, loved, and seen – at any age. Whether you’re 20 or 50, we all struggle with wanting to leave our mark in the world.

2. The Beatles – “When I’m 64”

Originally written as a gift for his father’s birthday, this Beatles hit has become an especially beloved classic. Who doesn’t yearn for someone to grow old with – especially a partner who makes “doing the garden, digging the weeds” a fun task.

3. The Byrds – “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Everything in its time, right? This is a great jam to remind us to savor every moment andthat wherever we are, well that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be! There’s a time for everything: getting hitched (or not), having kids (or not), our career, retirement, etc. The key is to celebrate every step along the way!

So grab some friends, a mic, and make your own anthem about celebrating your age! But don’t forget to wear your Audicus hearing aid – a budding star needs to be able to savor the thunderous applause of her adoring fans!

By: Ariana Seigel