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Heart murmur? Diabetes? Need a doctor? Yes, there’s an app for all that (and more). As direct-to-consumer healthcare soars in popularity (and saves people money), the number and vastness of health apps for your smartphone have also skyrocketed.

We’ve collected the best and most popular health apps out there for you. Take a look and see which ones you want to use to take charge of your health!

Best health apps for: Hearing loss

  • Mimi Hearing Test: Worried you might have hearing loss? There are many online tests you can take (like ours!) or you can download a hearing test app. The Mimi test is easy to use and only takes a few minutes. You can also print your results to bring to your doctor.
  • Hear Boost: This app turns your smartphone into a personal sound amplifier. You can record sounds around you and play them back at up to 200x the volume. If you have some degree of hearing loss, this app is for you.

Best health apps for: Diabetes

  • BlueStar: BlueStar is a digital diabetes coaching app that’s been vetted by the FDA. This app is tailored for people with type 2 diabetes who want to get their condition under control.
  • Glucose Buddy: This is a great app for monitoring your glucose levels. The app provides you with a daily summary of your levels as well as long term trends.    

Best health apps for: Quitting cigarettes

  • MyQuit Coach—for smokers: This app, developed by Livestrong, is designed to give support, inspiration, and data for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. The app also connects you to a supportive community of others trying to quit.
  • Smoke-Free: This one is super popular with over 80,000 5-star reviews. The app has a user-friendly dashboard that displays money you’ve saved by quitting smoking, hours of life regained, cravings resisted, and more.

Best health apps for: Sleep

  • Sleep Cycle: If you struggle to drag yourself out of bed each morning, this alarm clock app might be your answer. It tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during the best time (your lightest sleep phase) in a 30-minute window to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed.
  •  Pzizz: While we have no idea how to say the name of this app, we think you’ll love it. Pzizz uses the science of psychoacoustics to create soundscapes for each part of the sleep cycle. If you like falling asleep to music or meditation, Pzizz could work for you.

Best health apps for: Physician care

  • MDLive: This app provides you with 24/7 access to doctors when you need them. In addition to medical doctors, you can also get in contact with therapists and psychiatrists, and doctors can send prescriptions remotely to your closest pharmacy.
  • Zocdoc: If you have easy access to doctors but need help finding the right one for you, Zocdoc  is the way to go. This app helps you find doctors in your area and your insurance network, read patient reviews, and book appointments.  

Best health apps for: Heart monitoring

  • Cardiio: This is a great choice for people who want or need to monitor their heart rate. The app monitors your heart rate two ways—either scanning your finger or scanning your face. While this sounds like a gadget worthy of 007, all you need is a smartphone.
  • PulsePoint Respond: If you have a history of cardiac emergency, this app is a necessity. It connects users to CPR-trained community members quickly, so if you’re having an emergency you can get the help you need ASAP.