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Audicus announced today the milestone of 2,000 hearing aids donated through their partnership with Hearing Charities of America. In 2015, the online hearing aid company Audicus sought a way to give back that embodied its core value: making access to hearing solutions easy. Customers had called in, asking about hearing aid donations and Audicus was compelled by the cause.

The Hearing Charities of America’s (HCOA) Hearing Aid Project provided the perfect opportunity for Audicus play a role in collecting donated hearing aids for low-income individuals in need. A partnership was formed and today both organizations shared in celebrating the milestone of 2,000 hearing aids donated through the partnership.

The Audicus + Hearing Charities of America Partnership

The partnership has been rewarding for both organizations. “Our mission is to empower people to live life at full volume,” Audicus CEO Patrick Freuler stated, “ and working with the Hearing Charities of America allows us to extend our mission to those who need it most.” Audicus’ role is to get the word out and to collect, pack, and ship the steady stream of donated devices.  

From there, HCOA screens low-income applicants and works with local audiologists and labs to select, repair, and fit recipients with hearing aids to match their needs.

“We are thrilled to have the continued support of a well-renowned organization such as Audicus,” shared Merritt Whitley, Marketing Manager at HCOA. “Their generosity allows us to change the lives of many individuals in need around the country. Many of our remarkable stories would not be possible without the donation of hearing aids.”

A Remarkable Impact

Living with hearing loss can mean isolation, difficulties at work, strain on relationships, and negative effects on well-being. A hearing aid or pair can make an immense difference in someone’s life. On their site, the HCOA features stories of some of their recipients, who come from all walks of life, to illuminate what a donation can do.

For Kathleen Johnson, new hearing aids meant a step in moving past the trauma of domestic abuse. “I’ll be able to hear the birds chirp!” said Johnson in anticipation, “I will be able to function normally in a room full of people again.” Barbara Green had experienced hearing loss since 1990 and received hearing aids that would allow her to speak with her son in the military, stationed in Alaska. Another recipient, a Sudanese refugee and father of five, was connected to the Hearing Aid Project through his treatment at the Survivors of Torture Recovery Center at University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work in Kentucky.

Just the Beginning

“We know first hand that a single hearing aid can change a life” shared Freuler, of the milestone. “We are honored to have helped collect 2,000 with HCOA and are dedicated to bringing in the next 2,000.”

Learn more about donating hearing aids through Audicus here and the HCOA here.

By Madeline Wolfson