Worried about your hearing loss worsening? Not sure if you’re experiencing hearing loss?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are five types of exercises you can do to help boost your hearing abilities!

Top Five Tips for Better Hearing


1. Solve puzzles to combat your hearing loss

The brain plays such a major role in processing the sound information our ear receives that we can’t ignore it. Research has shown that there are links between hearing loss and mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

This could be a result of brain atrophy, which is when brain cells and connections shrink or are damaged. Like muscles, your brain needs a good workout to stay strong and continue pumping.

Solving a variety of puzzles like crossword puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku throughout the day or the week are fun exercises to get your brain juices flowing and prevent brain atrophy.

Playing bingo and card games, such as hearts and poker, are also great ways to work your brain with your friends in a social setting.


2. Yoga to improve your hearing

Yoga is known and widely practiced for its wide variety of health benefits. Thankfully, there are yoga exercises that help with your hearing too!

The main goal of these exercises is to increase circulation in your ear and your brain, since increased circulation helps improve nerve functions and removes waste and toxins.

Yoga poses that help with circulation include the tree, lotus, cobra, and triangle pose. Yoga can also help with tinnitus, and there are many free videos on sites like YouTube.

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3. Exercise daily to help your hearing

Keeping your body in tiptop shape is important for keeping your ears and brain healthy. Exercising every day by going out for a walk or job, doing yoga, or even just gardening or doing housework is great for getting your blood pumping and circulation going strong.

We recommend not exercising with headphones, earphones, or any source of loud music since repeated exposure to loud noises can damage ear hairs, which are irreplaceable. If you decide to exercise with music, keep the volume relatively quiet and comfortable.

As a rule of thumb, if people around you can hear the music playing in your headphones or earphones, your music may be too loud.


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4. Meditate for better hearing 

Meditate in a park or other public area where you will be surrounded by various sounds. As you meditate, take deep breaths to help blood circulation and increase oxygen in your body.

Focus in and out on each sound around you and try to locate where each sound is coming from.

This exercise will help you concentrate on deciphering sounds in noisy environments and determining the location of each sound.


5. Hearing Exercises for better hearing

Hearing exercises can help you hone in on where sounds are coming from and who or what is making the sounds.

Place a radio or speaker in one area of the room and then play music or a sound at a comfortable volume.

You can place another sound source in a different area of the room. Simply turn up the volume until the combination of the two sounds creates a noisy environment.

Have someone move around the room while reading sentences from a book or newspaper. Close your eyes, repeat the sentence back to them, and try to locate from where he or she is reading the sentence.

While these activities promote hearing health, those with hearing loss should get a hearing test. Untreated hearing loss has been shown to impact cognition, health, and mental wellness.


Written by: Diana Ruan, Updated in 2022 by Audicus