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Hearing loss can be difficult to navigate, even isolating at first. An incredible hearing aid blog can be a gamechanger for those learning about their hearing health and looking for resources and support.

Whether you’re looking for positivity, support, information or connection to a community, you’ll want to follow these 13 incredible bloggers.

  1. The Limping Chicken: This UK-based blog is edited by Charlie Swinbourne and written by over 200 deaf writers. It’s comically named after a flub that made national news, and they maintain a humorous approach to hearing loss.
  2. r/deaf on Reddit: While not technically a personal blog, the Reddit community provides a forum for users to post and respond to specific topics and receive answers to their questions.
  3. Living with Hearing Loss: Shari Eberts writes and contributes to many blogs and podcasts, so you may have heard her name before. Her own fantastic blog outlines her personal journey with genetic hearing loss.
  4. Selina Wing: She is the first deaf Malaysian blogger who writes alongside her sign language translating sister about living the deaf experience.
  5. Deaf Culture That: If you are looking for more information about education and teaching about deaf culture, this is the perfect website. Two professionals write the blog, including explanatory videos and further reading suggestions.
  6. Silent Grapevine: Think about your average news website but targeted specifically at the deaf community, and you have Silent Grapevine. Especially fun are their deaf interviews and #deaftalent pages.
  7. Deafintely Girly: Over the past 10 years, she’s posted about living in London with deafness. Posts are easy to digest and often come in the form of witty lists.
  8. Katherine Bouton: Bouton is a published author in the hearing loss world, and her blog includes articles about caring for hearing aids if that’s your focus.
  9. My Hearing Loss Story: Carly suddenly experienced hearing loss at a young age, so she decided to document her progress and how the hearing loss affects her daily life.
  10. Voices of Audicus: This series from Audicus features actual customers and their stories related to living with hearing loss. Pieces add a positive twist to personal accounts that are both inspirational and informative.
  11. Deaf LGBTIQA UK: A fairly new website, Deaf LGBTIQA UK started as a way to support a growing subset of people who experience hearing loss and are members of the LGBTIQA+ community. While they hope to post twice weekly, they are still getting up and running and are looking for contributors if you are interested in writing about your experience.
  12. Rikki Poynter: For those looking for a video blog (“vlog”), Poynter runs a great YouTube channel about deaf awareness, accessibility, and a variety of other topics.
  13. Deafie Blogger: “E” posts on Phonak’s blog since she wears their brand of hearing aids, but this is her more personal blog where she can post whatever she feels

By: Diana Michel