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It’s getting to be that time of year when families gather in honor of tradition. All traditions vary by family, but here at Audicus, we know one thing: traditions are enhanced with the ability to take in the full experience.

Audicus hearing aids can help you do just that, ensuring that you are able to pick up every small detail– including every minute sound– and continue to make sweet memories. Here are a few sounds that you won’t want to miss:


  1. The Doorbell: Sounds We Don’t Want to Miss

    The first thing you want to hear on Thanksgiving is the “ding-dong” of your doorbell– this means guests are arriving, ready to partake in the giving of thanks and the stuffing of faces!

  2. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:  Tunes We Loveaudicus-hearing-loss-tips

    Each year, the family crowds around the television to ooh- and- ahh at the ornate floats and gargantuan balloons. Your hearing aids allow you to experience the tunes of the perfectly recreated Broadway numbers, all while surrounded by family and friends.

  3. Football! Grunts, Cheers, and Sundays

    Of course, once the parade is over, someone will inevitably grab the remote and turn to the football game! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the combination of grunts and cheers as your favorite team scores a touchdown– or fumbles.

  4. Oven Timer:  This Sound Smells Sweetaudicus-thanksgiving-hearing-loss

    This Thanksgiving, you will be thankful to hear the inviting ‘ping!’ of the oven timer, to let you know that your carefully-prepared Thanksgiving bird is ready for carving– you wouldn’t want it to burn.

  5. “Time to Eat!” Candied Yams and Excitement

    You always want to get first dibs on those candied yams, so the call-to-duty for your Thanksgiving table quest needs to be heard, loud and clear.

  6. Your Relatives Telling an Embarrassing Story About You at the Next Table

    Remember last year’s Thanksgiving, when you ate a whole pumpkin pie by yourself, and got caught in the act of attempting to hide the evidence? Your cousins sure do! Be thankful that this year, you can catch your cousin Susan recounting the story and laughing about it with all of your nieces and nephews…

  7. Ignoring Your Relatives Telling an Embarrassing Story About You at the Next Table

    …and can electively put your Audicus hearing aids into standby mode to ignore their petty gossip. You have no shame in your love for pumpkin pie!

  8. Silverware Clanking Against Plates: Sounds Like Soon To Be Full

    There’s nothing better than knowing that your family members are satisfied. Nothing signifies satisfaction better than room-wide silence during a delicious meal. This means that your Thanksgiving feast has truly knocked it out of the park this time.

  9. The Cries of Victory… and Defeat: Making Wishesaudicus-hearing-loss-wishbone

    Breaking of the wishbone has always been a Thanksgiving tradition, and it’s usually carried out by some of the younger, more competitive relatives. You will be sure to hear the simultaneous victorious and let-down cries of the recipients of either side of the wishbone. Ahh, the sounds of tradition.

  10. Groans… Satiated, Tryptophan-induced Groans: Soon To Be Hearing That One Relative Snoring

    After the sounds of forks and knives clanking and relatives gabbing comes the turkey-induced slumber. Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents all nestled on the couch, bonding over gluttony and, overall, a family tradition.

So, while the sounds of your Thanksgiving might not match all of those listed above, just remember that it’s important to be fully present for all of your family traditions.

Audicus prides itself on being able to help you to do this with our top-notch hearing aids.

Happy Holidays from Audicus!

by Andrea Zielinski, Updated in 2021