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Even if you aren’t planning any travels abroad, you may still want to brush up on a foreign language. According to the popular language-learning tool, Rosetta Stone, one of the major benefits of learning another language is improved memory. Training your brain to remember vocabulary improves memory and can also strengthen your communication skills within your own language.
You may learn synonyms and new phrases you previously did not know, encouraging flexibility of language and appreciation of other cultural norms. Aside from that, your brain will grow! Just like any other muscle in the body, the more you work out your brain, the stronger it will grow.
Now that you’re convinced, try some of the best language learning apps that make the process easy, fun, and convenient.

Best language learning apps

  • Duolingo – Website and app Duolingo is one of the most popular platforms for learning a language. They offer courses in 30 different languages to help you master vocabulary, pronunciation, and translation through flashcards and fun games.


  • Busuu – This app is named after a Cameroonian language spoken by only eight people. It uses educational units as well as networking to engrain a language. There are 12 languages currently offered, and users can even receive certificates for completed lessons. The best part of this app is the conversations you can have with native speakers.


  • Babbel – This subscription-based premium app features 14 unique languages for beginners to advanced speakers. There are courses on vocabulary specific to certain situations, phrases, sayings, and colloquialisms and even an English test. Babbel partnered with the Cambridge English Language Assessment to create this standard assessment used to analyze understanding of English qualifications.


  • LinguaLift –Educators created this app to help you come up with a study plan and guide that will work best for your schedule and language needs. While the first lesson is free, there is a monthly membership fee to continue with a program. They promote the fact that their lessons are short but only include information you would actually use in the real world. Currently, the only languages offered are Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian, though they are growing.


  • MindSnacks – Unlike the previous apps, MindSnacks has a game-like approach to their teaching. On the Apple AppStore, you can download one of their seven different language apps to learn that specific language through addictive games. There are up to 40 hours of content (depending on the price you are willing to pay) that helps you learn over 1,000 words. The lessons were designed by Ivy League professors and the games are useful for kids and adults alike.


  • TripLingo – This may be the best language learning app if you are traveling to a foreign country. You can learn the essential phrases you will need to get by, connect to a translator who can help you in a pinch, and even learn about the local culture. The app will help you calculate tip and convert prices, give you the tools to keep yourself safe in a foreign country, and also connect to their WiFi to help with smartphone use while traveling. Learning the language is only a part of the many offerings of this app.

No matter what your needs are, these are some of the best language learning apps out there.

By: Diana Michel